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We have homeschooled eight of our children for the past 24+ years (6 years to go!) ... Please call or text me if you have any questions! If you want to see anything in particular, please let me know ASAP so that I have time to order it before we meet ... ~B

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Hello, Thank you for stopping by my HomeWorks by Precept "HWP or HomeWorks" Consultant Page.  I hope you will get to quickly know a little bit more about who I am, our homeschool, and the products that I represent as a HomeWorks Consultant!

My name is Belinda Parrish and my husband Troy and I have been married for 29 years. We have nine children; eight of them have been homeschooled from the very beginning. We are finishing our 24th year of homeschooling and have six more years until the youngest child graduates! So far, five have graduated, two are in high school, and one is in middle school.

We have used many different types of schooling materials in our homeschool.  Seventeen years ago, we started using BJ HomeSat, which is now BJU Press Distance Learning. With four children in school and three little ones at home, the Distance Learning totally revolutionized our homeschool.  It allowed our children to have a Biblically solid education that excelled in academic quality as well.  The Distance Learning teachers were able to teach our children in ways that I would never have had the time nor resources to do adequately.

I was asked to join the HomeWorks team when it first started back in 2003.  I was so excited to “be compensated” for what I had already been doing; telling other moms and dads about the changes that happened in our homeschool once we moved to the BJU Press Distance Learning.  Over the past fourteen years, I have met many moms and dads at homeschool conventions and conferences in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.  I enjoy listening to why they love to home school; about how they are unsure if they can “do” homeschool; and wondering if their child will “learn” what is needed.  I love being able to show them the beautiful textbooks; the wonderful teacher’s editions that make mom’s job easier; and the excellent “extras” that are available, such as:

The JourneyForth books: quality reading material that has something available for every age. 

The ShowForth movies: quality movies for the whole family that usually always have a clear gospel message.

In addition, when you call, text, or email me, there is always FREE shipping year round on your BJU Press items.  No minimum order size and it is delivered straight to your door. We use BJU Press products in our home every day.  I am thankful that I have had the privilege to meet so many of you in person.  I will be at several different homeschool conferences, conventions, and meetings this coming year.  Please stop by and say hello ... Bring a friend for an extra gift!)!  If you would like to see the products more closely, please give me a call and we can set up a time that is convenient to you.  If you would like me to come and speak to your homeschool group, please let me know.  If you ever have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call, text or email me.  I am here to serve and support you in your homeschool journey!

Here are some of the homeschool conferences I am privileged to work this coming year:

Saturday, April 1, 2017 = EPHSC = Shepherdstown, WV

Friday & Saturday, April 21-22, 2017 = MACHE = Frederick, MD

Solutions Events in local Hotel Conference Rooms

Monday, May 8, 2017 = Hilton Garden - Fredericksburg, VA

Monday, June 26, 2017 = Courtyard West Mechanicsburg - Mechanicsburg, PA

Monday, July 17, 2017 = Courtyard Hagerstown - Hagerstown, MD

Monday, August 14, 2017 = Clarion Inn Frederick - Frederick, MD

Local HomeWorks Events

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 = HOPE - Church of the Open Door = Westminster, MD


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