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BJU Press has partnered with HomeWorks by Precept to represent their homeschool products at live meetings. HomeWorks consultants are independent consultants trained to provide close and personal homeschool advice to families all over the country. HomeWorks consultants primarily consist of homeschool parents or educators with years of experience using BJU Press materials. They can help you make the right choice regarding curriculum for your children, and they are available year-round to help you with your everyday homeschool experiences. Talk with a consultant today and they will be happy to help and serve you at any of our many meeting venues, or talk to you on the phone!

In-Person Meeting Discounts:

Free Shipping and Payment Plans are available any time at any location!

Curriculum Displays and HomeWorks Events:
Avoid paying travel expenses and admission fees at other events, and join us locally for FREE! Save up to 50% off on Distance Learning Subject Kits, 25% off textbook kits, and 10% off all other BJU Press products. Bring a friend to a Curriculum Display to receive an additional $25 discount after qualifying (Details).

Homeschool Conventions:
Save 25% off all BJU Press products, and up to 50% off on Distance Learning Subject Kits.

Can't make it to a meeting? Contact a local HomeWorks Consultant:
Contact your local HomeWorks Consultant using the map below. They can offer you 25% off three or more Distance Learning Subject Kits, 10% off all BJU Press products any time, and answer any homeschool questions for you!

Note - Disounts only apply to BJU Press products and exclude: Testing & Evaluation, Logos Science, Bridgeway Academy, and AIG.

Curriculum Displays
HomeWorks Events
Online Webinars
See our full display of products, talk with consultants, demo video lessons, attend workshops, and even meet BJU Press teachers at some conventions! We attend over 100 conventions each year nationwide. Please use the map below to find one in your area - we would love to see you there!
If you can't make it to a convention or don't want to spend the admission prices, then please visit us at one our of free Curriculum Displays. These displays are typically held at hotel conference rooms around the country and give you an opportunity to talk one-on-one with a consultant.
Join a group of other homeschool moms for discussions and presentations about BJU Press products. These events are typically held at houses, churches, or restaurants and are led by a local HomeWorks Consultant. It's a great chance to meet other homeschool moms and learn about the products.
Join us for a free informational webinar to learn more about homeschooling and BJU Press products. Learn the practical applications of using BJU Press products and let one of our experts answer your questions at one of our free webinars! Please visit a full list of our available webinars here.

Are You Thinking About Homeschooling?

We offer free webinars with practical tips and information about how to get started with homeschooling! Click here for more information, register for a free webinar, or request a custom webinar with an expert.
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What Our Customers Say

“My consultant has been a great help to me when I need to know quickly what is available for my various needs when they arise throughout the school year. She is such a joy to talk to, and very down-to-earth when sharing her homeschool insight.” // Mary K - Westminster, Maryland

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HomeWorks By Precept exists to provide you with the best educational resources to help your child become a creative, adaptive thinker with a strong biblical worldview. Our relationship doesn’t end with the once-a-year curriculum purchase—HomeWorks By Precept is here to partner with you all year long.
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