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A Time to Keep and a Time to Cast Away
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It’s that time of year again when most of us are wrapping up one school year and gearing up for the next. Even if you school year-round, you’re likely to have a some downtime while the kids enjoy the outdoors. Use that time to declutter your school space.

Things to Keep for Other People Who May Ask. . .

Keep a few things for a portfolio or . . . or not. My state doesn’t require a portfolio, so I only keep a more formal portfolio for high school. Lots of people just save a few pages from the student worktext. (For example, one page per chapter.) For the high school portfolios, I save their grades, their best writing assignments, some pictures of their projects and artwork, a few tests, formal testing, and a copy of the lesson guides with the distance learning they used. I also write a short course description for each course just in case a college ever asks for it.

Things to Keep for You the Mom . . .

Even if you don’t keep a formal portfolio, you may want to save a few things for sentimental value. Mostly, I save their favorite writing projects and perhaps a photo of their best projects. I have saved a simple worktext page because I loved the drawing on it!

Extra Idea: If you are a scrapbooker. . .make sure to include a school page spread in your scrapbook every year. It’s a great way to preserve the memories of your favorite projects and your school year.

Things to Keep for You the Teacher. . .

Keep some notes to pass on to next year’s teacher. Ok, I know it’s probably you – but it’s best to have some notes and not totally rely on your memory! I try to make notes during the year such as spelling words they missed and grammar and math concepts they found challenging. My notes are helpful when I’m planning for the next year. If you haven’t kept notes, look through some of your student’s work and make some notes from that. Now grab a big bag and a box and do a big cleaning of your school area.

Use your box to pack up any resources your children have outgrown. (Consider giving them to a homeschool family with younger children.)

Your students likely have some personal items in the school area. Encourage them to take them to their rooms if they want to keep them. Hopefully it won’t be a whole box!

I always have lots of stuff at the end of the year that just needs to be tossed. Fill a bag. . .or two. There is “a time to keep, and a time to cast away.” Ecc. 3:6

With a clean area and some empty space, you’ll feel much more inspired to get started on a new school year.

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Cynda Moore, HomeWorks by Precept Consultant & Homeschool Mom


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