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In addition to quality curriculum, you can take advantage of many other services and opportunities offered by BJU Press. Here’s an overview of what’s available:

Academy of Home Education

Families who use primarily BJU Press curriculum are eligible to enroll in the Academy of Home Education. The AHE has a long track record of providing security, credibility, and support for homeschool families. Benefits include official report cards, transcripts, standardized testing, access to guidance counselors and an official graduation ceremony on the campus of Bob Jones University.

Testing and Evaluation

BJU Press offers official standardized testing including The Iowa Tests and Stanford Achievement Tests, among others. Writing evaluations are also available for grades 3 to 12, and career assessments are available for teens.

Distance Learning

BJU Press Distance Learning offers full-length, engaging classroom sessions based on BJU Press curriculum. These pre-recorded subject courses cover a full year and are available online, via DVD, or via hard drive. Distance Learning is the perfect solution for parents who may be hesitant about tackling a particular course on their own.


Many of the BJU Press textbooks are available as eTextbooks, which can be downloaded to e-readers, home computers or viewed online. An ideal option for the technologically inclined student, eTextbooks provide both portability and accessibility.

JourneyForth Books

JourneyForth, an imprint of BJU Press, offers a wide array of chapter books, picture books, young adult novels, biographies and non-fiction for all ages—all from a thoroughly Christian perspective. These books will help develop your child’s imagination and sense of adventure without compromising biblical values.

Answers in Genesis Books

BJU Press also offers several books on creation, science, and apologetics, published by Answers in Genesis. AiG, a ministry located in Petersburg, Kentucky, is dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith.

What Our Customers Say

It is nice to have help with placing our order so that we get the best price possible using any discounts/specials that are available. I know that if I ever have any questions, I can contact my consultant and she will be able to help. // Kelley H - Springfield, Tennessee

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