Logos Science
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Everything You Need For Hands On Science

Logos Science offers all-in-one laboratory kits that help homeschool educators overcome the difficulty and cost associated with setting up science experiments at home.

Logos Science kits are written from a Creation viewpoint and correspond well to BJU Press curriculum. Their hands-on nature help students better grasp scientific concepts, giving them the mastery and experience they need to succeed in college-level science. These kits are available exclusively through HomeWorks By Precept and our parent company, Precept Marketing Group.

Kits Are Available For:

● Physics
● Chemistry
● Biology
● Physical science
● Earth science
● Life science .

What Our Customers Say

Our consultant helped me see how we can homeschool through High School! She provided us with information on a variety of curriculum to help us make the best decisions for our family. // Karen T - Ewa Beach, Hawaii

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HomeWorks By Precept exists to provide you with the best educational resources to help your child become a creative, adaptive thinker with a strong biblical worldview. Our relationship doesn’t end with the once-a-year curriculum purchase—HomeWorks By Precept is here to partner with you all year long.
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