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Learn a Language the Natural Way

Rosetta Stone is the #1 language-learning software in the world, used successfully by millions of people in 150 countries. It’s been adopted by government agencies and corporations—including Deutsche Telekom, IBM, and Lockheed Martin—and by thousands of schools and universities around the world.

HomeWorks By Precept offers the homeschool version of this program, enabling your student to choose from 30 different language courses.

Rosetta Stone's homeschool curriculum features a rich, fully interactive and engaging language-learning experience, designed to offer positive reinforcement and quick results. Its award-winning Dynamic Immersion™ method taps the reasoning and language skills used to master a native language. The program:

● Immerses students completely in their new language so they’ll learn quickly and retain what they learn.

● Provides constant feedback so students feel confident in their ability to speak, listen, write, and read their new language accurately.

● Guides students logically through a carefully structured curriculum so they’ll learn vocabulary and grammar effortlessly without memorization.

● Enables students to learn a new language on their own schedule, whenever it’s convenient.

Available Languages:

● Arabic
● Chinese (Mandarin)
● Danish
● Dutch
● English (UK)
● English (US)
● Farsi
● French
● German
● Greek
● Hebrew
● Hindi
● Indonesian
● Italian
● Japanese
● Korean
● Latin
● Pashto
● Polish
● Portuguese (Brazil)
● Russian
● Spanish (Latin America)
● Spanish (Spain)
● Swahili
● Swedish
● Tagalog
● Thai
● Turkish
● Vietnamese
● Welsh

What Our Customers Say

It is nice to have help with placing our order so that we get the best price possible using any discounts/specials that are available. I know that if I ever have any questions, I can contact my consultant and she will be able to help. // Kelley H - Springfield, Tennessee

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