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Cassandra DeLeon is a Premiere Consultant who has a history of helping many customers and has completed a series of training.
Premiere Consultant

Cassandra DeLeon

10+ Years
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About Me

I am Cassandra De Leon and have been homeschooling for over 17 years. I love homeschooling our 10 children and ministering alongside my husband Michael who is the Senior Pastor of Southport Baptist Church in Kenosha, Wis.  Since 2006, my husband and I have chosen to use BJU Press Homeschool because this curriculum compliments our spiritual goals and very subject is taught from a Biblical worldview.  Now I have the privilege to share my love for BJU Press Homeschool as a HomeWorks by Precept consultant.

We have been using BJU Press Homeschool since 2006. We started using the video courses when our oldest was going into the 6th grade. With seven under eleven, those days were wonderfully busy!
Currently, we homeschool four children 1st grade-12th grade. Our older six are now graduated from our homeschool and are serving the Lord in Bible College/University and graduate school. 

Homeschooling is not just that fuzzy feeling of having a clean house, the laundry completely done, breakfast ready for the perfectly dressed child, a clean kitchen after breakfast, school starting on time, and you and the child sharing a book on the couch as the sun shines in through the window! :)

It's the day to day living. The times when the house is not clean, the kids are fussy, it's raining, the laundry is covering the entire couch, and school and learning still needs continue.

The video lessons were a lifesaver for us in those early days. Even now with only four at home, BJU Press and the Homeschool Hub keeps us organized and on track.

I wanted a curriculum that was Gospel centered. My desire was that my children not only get a quality education, but that they know JESUS.

Therefore the most important reason I chose BJU Press Honeschool was because of the emphasis on a Christian worldview. I wanted my children to  learn through the lens of the Bible and how it relates to the world.

In 2010, I became a consultant with HomeWorks by Precept primarily because I enjoy sharing with other moms and dads my own personal experiences, both failures and success. It’s a joy to be able to point people to a curriculum like BJU Press Homeschool materials that has helped me succeed in my homeschooling.

Many times as a Pastor’s wife, I listen to people share their their broken hearts and try to point them to the healer-Jesus. What a joy to be a messenger for Jesus.

As a consultant, I can also help families who are wanting to start homeschooling and point them in the right direction.

It was a HomeWorks by Precept consultant that gave me the confidence to start homeschooling, so I am thrilled when I have the same opportunity to help guide another mom in her journey

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