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Heather Spencer is a Premier Consultant who has a history of helping many customers and has completed a series of training.
Premier Consultant

Heather Spencer

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About Me

I have two sons (ages 16 & 18) and homeschooled them from preschool to 12th grade (they just graduated in 2024).  My husband is an associate pastor, and we have been serving in ministry for many years. Even though we teach them differently, sometimes children think school is completely separate from the Bible. That is one thing that drew us to BJU Press Homeschool.  The curriculum shows them daily that everything we do is for God's glory  not just those things that "appear" to be religious.  It teaches them that the Bible speaks to all aspects of our life.   

I began homeschooling when my oldest son was diagnosed with sensory-processing disorder.  His preschool teacher noticed the symptoms, so after having him tested, my husband and I realized that our son needed one-on-one teaching and would not thrive well in a classroom.  Through homeschooling, he has been able to excel in school.  I truly believe all children excel when the curriculum can be fit to the child, not the child fit to the curriculum.

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If you are a Homeschool Co-op, Missionary, and Military Family, or live outside of the US, please mention that when you contact me.


Interested in Hosting a Live Event or Online Party?  Events can be hosted in person and online.  You can have fun with your friends and earn rewards at the same time.  Contact me for more details.


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About Me:

I have a passion for homeschooling and a heart to help others who are trying to homeschool their children.  This has been (and still is) a journey for our family.  We love the joys of being able to invest in our children's education, but there are also difficulties that come with this as well.  I would like the opportunity to support and encourage you as you go through your homeschool journey. 


BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum has made a huge difference in my children’s education, and that is why I became a HomeWorks consultant.  I am passionate about BJU Press Homeschool because of the Biblical worldview that is presented in all of their subjects, as well as because it teaches for understanding, is well-rounded, is fun, and is easy to teach.


BJU Press Homeschool designs their curriculum to work for all learning styles.  There are hands-on activities, real life stories, colorful pages, etc. that keep all learners interested.  My boys are learning a great deal and having fun doing it.  As they learn, they are challenged to apply and think critically about what they learn, not just repeat what is told to them. The curriculum seamlessly ties together the separate subjects and makes it very easy to teach them, either with the teachers editions or with the video lessons.  They provide everything you need.  BJU Press Homeschool is what works for my family, and I'd love the opportunity to see if it will work for yours, too!


If you have any questions, concerning the curriculum or the homeschool process in general, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I’d also be happy to help you save money with your order.