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Jennifer Lont

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About Me

I am a former schoolteacher turned enthusiastic homeschooler.  I never dreamed I would homeschool, but I've been at it for thirteen years now--AND I LOVE IT!  My boys have been thriving with curriculum from BJU Press Homeschool since kindergarten.  Both of them are advanced students, so we use a mix of platforms to meet their needs.  I often teach math and grammar myself so that we can move through lessons at whatever pace suits their abilities.  Now that the boys are both in high school, we use online lessons for science and history because the teachers add so much content, the lessons are multisensory, and the boys can work independently.  Those video lessons free me up to do daily home essentials, to help other homeschoolers, and to make more food for my hungry teenagers!

We enjoy a wide variety of pursuits during our free time.  I play the piano, and my boys have become skilled at the viola, violin, and cello.  This year one of my boys bought a double bass.  One of our favorite things to do is to make music together, and we are able to use this skill to bless others in our church.  We're readers, always embarking on a new adventure.  And a couple years ago, the boys started taking karate.  When they need a break in between subjects, they often do exercises like push-ups and practice forms and jumps.  They learn self-defense, sparring, and weapons, but I think their favorite class of the week is grappling.  My older son is also now in a tricking class.  I'll try not to cringe as he learns to fling his body through the air.

That son was just accepted to university, so I'm learning how to let him go while also learning about all the paperwork that must be done during this transition.  Little things hit me:  making the last dental appointment he will have at home, his last birthday at home, the last trio we play before he leaves.  But I know he's ready.  We have prepared well.  I'm so thankful we've been able to spend all of these years together, and I'm looking forward to seeing how God will use him in the future!

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Homeschooling is hard work, but it is so rewarding.  Why?  Worldview, for one.  My kids aren't just learning what kids in public schools are with a Bible verse tacked on for good measure.  They are learning to think biblically about the world that God has made so that they are prepared for whatever God has for them to be.  Another benefit is the academic excellence.  The curriculum teaches them to think critically, and they are thriving.  A third benefit of homeschooling is relationship.  It's not always easy, but we learn together, grow together, work together, play together, and serve together.

Whether you choose parent-led or video courses, homeschooling is truly a learning process for the whole family.  It helps to talk to someone who has been there.  When you order through me, I become your personal homeschool consultant and can answer your homeschooling questions throughout the year--at no cost to you.  If you have questions about BJU Press Homeschool or about getting started, send me a message!

Homeworks Events

I offer events throughout the year so that you can meet me in person and talk through all of your homeschooling questions.  Admission is free (except for conferences/conventions), and there's no pressure to order.  I have samples of almost all of the curriculum from K3-12th grade.  These events are great opportunities to look through the books so you're not ordering blind.  If you plan to come, let me know which books you'd like to see so I can bring them with me!  

Check the left side of the page for upcoming events.  New events are added throughout the year. Don't see an event near you?  Ask me how I can help you get a discount!
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How to Start Homeschooling

1.  Know your state homeschooling laws.

2.  Withdraw your child from MI public schools (if enrolled).

3.  Choose an excellent curriculum with a solid biblical worldview.
Video kits are available if you're not comfortable with doing the teaching yourself.

4.  Contact me to find out how to get the best discounts.

5.  Get organized on the Homeschool Hub.
You'll find tutorials on our YouTube channel that will help you get started.

6.  Understand how to approach the curriculum.

7.  Get connected!  
Email or text me any time for support and encouragement.
Read encouraging posts daily on my Facebook page.
Ask to join the private support group I created just for my customers.
Chat with other moms, consultants, and even video course teachers
in the BJU Press Homeschool Community.

Why BJU Press Homeschool? 

The biblical worldview has been so much More Than I Expected.

Read about some of the things this curriculum offers in The ABCs of BJU Press Homeschool.

I love the way BJU Press Homeschool teaches phonics!

Find out how our video courses can help your homeschool.

The Homeschool Hub is an amazing, free online planner available for all BJU Press Homeschool users (parent-led, online, and DVD).

General Resources

Check out the resource links at the left of this page (scroll up to see the links).

Browse the current BJU Press Homeschool catalog, but don't forget to contact me for a discount!  Here's an overview of the catalog, packed with tons of useful info about BJU Press Homeschool.

Click on the Scope & Sequence link to see what skills are taught in each course.  Save a copy to show what your children have been taught.

View samples of our multisensory BJU Press Homeschool video courses.  They are sorted by grade.

Fulfill your state requirements or simply get information for your own purposes through online Standardized Testing (no discounts available).

Need more good books for your kids? Click on the link for the JourneyForth catalog.

Teaching Resources

Need a little help understanding a math lesson?  How about language arts, science, or Spanish?  Search by topic at

This playlist will help you as you teach your child to read.

Need help teaching writing?  This playlist will help you understand the writing process.

Tech Support

Need help with the Homeschool Hub?  Check out these tutorials.

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