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Nicole Galvan

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Nicole Galvan

Address: Spring Branch TX United States 78070
Email: nicolehomeschools@gmail.com
Phone: 210-378-6049


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About Me:

I am a full time....
Wife/Mom/Homeschool Teacher/Office Manager
       You know...the list could go on from there. I am no different than any other mom out there. I wear many hats. With two girls in two very different grades, and a very active toddler,  I have my plate full. But that is why I have come to depend on the BJU Press Homeschool.
       I am married to the love of my life who keeps me busy. We have two businesses that we run. Both are fully operational factories. Together we manage two very different companies, work with multiple employees, and balance the homeschool life (orchestra, gymnastics, tae kwon do, and parkour as well).
       And because I can manage to homeschool with this crazy life, I have a passion for BJU Press Homeschool. When I was asked whether or not I wanted to become a consultant, I jumped at the chance; and not because I needed more to do! I jumped at the opportunity to share with other moms and dads that it is possible to be a homeschool family, even with a busy life.
                                                           I believe in homeschooling.
      Eight years ago, I was devastated to see what was happening to my oldest daughter in the public school. I didn't know how to help her. I believe that the Lord led us to this program as an answer to giving her the best possible education she could receive as well as help her form a solid foundation in her faith.
      I look forward to sharing with you just how rewarding the homeschool life can be!

Working Moms Homeschool Too!

I am a working mom. The question that I get asked most is“How in the world do you homeschool?” My answer is always the same. “With a lotof prayer and BJU Press Homeschool”.  My husband and I have a smallfactory in South Texas. Many days I find myself on the factory floor workingright beside a bunch of burly fellows. I run the office, manage the productionfloor, visit with clients, and on top of it all I teach a kindergartener and ablossoming middle-schooler.   

Afew years ago, I was losing my oldest daughter to the system. She was astruggling student with learning disabilities. She was passed on from year toyear and from teacher to teacher with the same result. At the end of everyyear, I would be told that “the next teacher” would get her caught up.  Itnever happened.  That was when I decided to take her education into my ownhands. I didn’t know how I would do it; but I knew that God did.

Whichbrings us to today. My daughters are flourishing. My oldest daughter is nowlearning above grade level. I thank God for His showing me that I couldhomeschool while still meeting the duties and responsibilities of being a fulltime (often overtime) working momma. Homeschooling my children is my passion.And I wish to show other moms, even working moms that they too can do this.