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Shirley Gump is a Premier Consultant who has a history of helping many customers and has completed a series of training.
Premier Consultant

Shirley Gump

10+ Years
Email: Phone:360-461-6447
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About Me

 As a long time homeschooling parent I have had my share of struggles and know even with the best curriculum there are good times and hard times.  My husband and I have 3 boys and a small hobby farm here in WA.   We have quite a variety of animals and they keep us fairly busy.

  Finding BJU Press Homeschool Video Courses was a huge blessing for me and my family.  I am not sure that I would have continued to homeschool if I had not found it, we had been considering private school but the cost was high and I really did feel led to have the boys at home.

   I feel the Video Courses provide a better education than I could have ever provided on my own because one thing I have learned is that I was not cut out to be “the teacher”.  I do feel that having watched the teachers teach the lessons I could do it if I had to and if I had the teacher’s editions to teach from, but I pray that it never comes to that.  I am so happy that they have added the Hub, this allows me to see at a glance if my students are staying on track.  I am blessed to be home most days to be there for my boys, but I love that with all the tools the Hub provides even if I am away for the day school can go on without me.

  I am forever grateful that the teachers on the Video Courses encourage my boys both spiritually and academically.  I have personally met many of the teachers and I can tell you they definitely have hearts for the kids even though they may never meet them in person.  I am happy to be a part of the HomeWorks by Precept team and love to help families in their homeschool journey.

  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about BJU Press Homeschool curriculum or if you just have questions about homeschooling here in Washington state.