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Yvonne Strachan is a Premiere Consultant who has a history of helping many customers and has completed a series of training.
Premiere Consultant

Yvonne Strachan

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About Me

Since I have been refined while homeschooling multiple children, a special needs child, and high school students while dealing with chronic illness, and working, it fills my heart to encourage, nurture, and guide the success of others.

My Homeschooling Story
After college, I was an interior designer, specializing in kitchen design for custom homes. As an artist, I completed murals for our church and other venues. After five years of marriage, our first child was born, immediately requiring special care and a heart surgery to survive. I loved pouring time into her care and well-being. When it came time for her to attend school, however, we planned on her attending a Christian school as we had discussed years before. Oh, how my heart ached every day I dropped her off at school! I managed to teach art at the Christian school, still, I yearned to be a larger part of my child’s education. I felt a deep desire to homeschool, yet I didn’t know how or if I could do it. Therefore, I didn’t mention homeschooling to my husband. God must have been speaking to his heart though, because suddenly, my husband asked me if I would like to homeschool. I couldn’t believe my ears! My heart skipped a beat as I answered with a resounding, “Yes!”

That was just the beginning. Fourteen years later, I am still homeschooling. I am blessed to spend time with my children every day, thankful for each opportunity to cultivate their hearts of service and nurture their faith. I am grateful that homeschooling has allowed me to play a huge part in preparing my children’s hearts and minds for whatever God calls them to do. 

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." (Hebrews 11:1, NIV). 

My oldest child has written two books and is working toward becoming a certified editor. My 12th grade student served as Cadet Commander at our local Civil Air Patrol Squadron and she currently teaches leadership courses while also working toward obtaining her private pilot’s license. She is inspired by my husband’s heart for serving our community as a first responder. My 7th grade student has built his own drone and RC aircraft, is learning AutoCad and aspires to be an engineer. I enjoy learning with my kids and am looking forward to many more years of homeschooling my 5th and 2nd grade children.

How does my story relate to yours?
While ministering to families like yours, I am continually blessed by the countless relateable hope-filled and faith-building stories that each family experiences through the various stages of progression through homeschooling. And I am grateful for each opportunity to listen, help, encourage, and ultimately rejoice with others throughout the journey. I want your homeschool story to be filled with these same successes!


Homeschooling is a privilege and a blessing!  
Homeschooling also challenges us, helping us grow along the way! 

Do you have infants or toddlers in your home?
Do you work outside your home or run a home-based business? 
Are you homeschooling high school students? 
Do you teach multiple children with multiple learning styles?  
Do you teach a child who experiences a specific learning difficulty? 
Do you face health issues or care for others in need of assistance? 


Hebrews 11:8 reminds us of Abraham going by obedience, not knowing what he would face as he journeyed ahead. Since I have been refined through these challenges while homeschooling my five children over the past fourteen years, I am filled with joy with each opportunity I have to share knowledge I have gained in order to help others along the way.
Along with a heartfelt passion to integrate a biblical worldview throughout my children’s education, I am truly grateful for each opportunity to guide and encourage homeschool parents by consulting with homeschool families and speaking at homeschool conventions and for homeschool groups. As an Author, I am thankful to have been able to share my heart, encourage, and guide others through my writing for Homeschool Update Magazine, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, the book titled Just Like You: A Collection of Homeschool Journeys from HomeWorks by Precept,,, and the Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) blog. I am also the author of Inspirational Homeschooling (Amazon/Walmart/Barnes and Noble).

What a joy and privilege it is to walk alongside each of you during this exciting journey of discipling and educating your children at home! As a HomeWorks by Precept consultant, it fills my heart to be able to help you with your homeschool questions, help you develop practical solutions, lend a shoulder, and join beside you in prayer. And on top of that, I get to support you with faith-building resources that have helped me prepare my children's hearts and minds for whatever way God calls them to serve. Let’s walk this journey . . . together!  

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Testing and Evaluation options

ONLINE at home: Iowa Assessments
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Test in the comfort of your own home any time of year.


PRINTED tests taken with an approved administrator: Iowa Assessments™ Form E achievement test

I am happy to assist with questions or help you schedule your child's testing when you are ready.


I would be honored to have the opportunity to encourage, support, and help you with any homeschool questions that arise throughout the year.

Let’s walk this journey . . . together!  

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