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Building Your Support Network: Your Spouse
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There is no question that my husband and I both felt the call by the Lord to lead our children in homeschooling. We would each be investing a different amount of time in the actual schooling, with my contributing the most hours as the stay at home parent. However, that didn’t mean there was a difference in our commitment level. We knew that; we wanted our children to also know that. How would we do this? It began by building my spouse as a part of my support network.

By nature, I am a researcher and like to gather information and assess. And, so began my research for homeschooling curriculum. What I quickly learned is that my husband trusted me and was willing to let me make the decisions on what materials we would use. That brought great freedom, but at times also made me feel alone. As I explained to my husband, I wanted him to listen and work through my thought process for selecting the curriculum. I wanted him to ask questions and share his thoughts and ideas on what I was bringing to him. And, sometimes, I simply wanted him to tell me I wasn’t messing up our kids. Throughout the years, we have learned the right balance for us.

It was also important to us both to figure out how my husband would be involved in homeschooling. Would he grade? Would he teach any subjects? Would he be the disciplinarian if school issues arose? I know that anything I had asked my husband to do, he would have tried. I also know our schedule was busy in the evenings with sports so we had to have the right balance for him. Throughout the years, he has played different roles. He has helped grade papers in the evenings. He leads many of the science experiments with the kids. He will reteach or work through any math struggles. He will step in and reclarify with the kids their job is to learn and give their best effort at school. And, when I have had to travel, he has led the homeschooling. In fact, as I write this, he is home with the kids and working with our daughter on long division.

Our three children played a major role in engaging my husband in their schooling. When he would get home, they would tell him about what they had done. They would even show him some of the things they had worked on that day as well as read their written Writing and Grammar assignments aloud to him. Their excitement coupled with his interest allowed for this environment. It may not have seemed like a lot, but to me it was important for him to be engaged in this way.

The most important thing I have learned about defining my husband’s role in our homeschooling is that it had to be fluid and able to change with our needs and seasons of homeschooling. What made sense this year may not make sense next year. I also have learned that I need to be vocal and tell him exactly what I need from him. When I am clear about the type of support I need, it gives him the ability to best meet my needs and our children’s needs. I know I’m not going this homeschooling journey alone. I know that I have the Lord guiding us. I know that my husband is part of my support network. And, I know that part of the joy in homeschooling for me is knowing my husband is a part of it, even if he is not with us physically during the school day.

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Debra Schroeder - HomeWorks by Precept Consultant


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