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Consultant Spotlight - Abbie Knott
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My name is Abbie Knott. I've been married to my husband, Michael, for 11 years, and we have four children: Emma (10), Callie (8), Gabriel (5), and Regan (3). I'm a second-generation homeschooler and the oldest of six.

I loved being homeschooled. My mom (and dad) gave us a comprehensive, well-rounded education. We all attended the local public high school from 10th grade until graduation, and we all did well academically, but I felt like there was so much time wasted in public school. I hoped to be able to homeschool my children in the future.

My husband and I decided that we would be using BJU Press Homeschool products almost as soon as we agreed to homeschool our children. He works for Precept Marketing Group, so he was very familiar with the product, and I was willing to give it a try.

While I loved the idea of homeschooling, the actual process seemed very daunting. I wasn't sure where to start, so using the BJU Press Homeschool video classes seemed like a great first step. We began with K4 video classes and have continued using BJU Press Homeschool video classes for all our children.

We benefit in many ways from this program: our children receive a solid education, and I am able to step in and help them when they need me, but all the planning and organizing is done for me! I love the critical thinking skills and biblical worldview that is woven throughout the curriculum. My children love the engaging videos and fun extras that are included for them to do!

In addition to homeschooling, I still have a couple of violin students. But right now, I enjoy spending time with my kids. The older two are involved in several different musical pursuits. My girls and I also love to craft together. As a family, we enjoy camping and usually try a few new locations every year!

We are also involved in AWANA at our church. I have been a Sparks leader for about nine years, and Mike has been an AWANA commander for five years. While Emma and Callie spend several hours a day doing school, I spend time with Gabe and Regan, who are both doing the K4 video classes together, as well as some fun activities with Mom!

Mike encouraged me to become a HomeWorks by Precept Consultant just over three years ago. Initially, I was hesitant. I felt that my experience was inadequate for the task but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. I am so glad I did. I love meeting other homeschooling families and being able to come alongside them in their journey to offer encouragement and support!

It is a great blessing to me to be able to connect with customers throughout the year and be that listening ear or helping hand, and to continue to be there for them for as long as they need me! I have also been helped and encouraged, given advice, given ideas, and created new friendships through being a consultant! It has pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way!

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Abigail Knott - HomeWorks by Precept Consultant


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