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My name is Beth Milligan. I live in a beautiful part of North Idaho, surrounded by glistening lakes and rugged forests. We live in a rural area where fishing and hiking are within minutes and where a moose may pay a visit on our back porch. In the summers, you will find our family of 5 playing a fun round of "frisbee golf" at a nearby course in the mountains, spending our afternoons soaking up the sun while we picnic at the lake, enjoying a day of squealing excitement at Silverwood Theme Park, or climbing aboard Papa's pontoon boat for some fishing in the evenings. We definitely love the recreational aspect of where we live, always enjoying the outdoors in some way.

Nick is a veteran, retired from USMC. He loves time spent outdoors, especially frisbee golf and hunting. I enjoy cooking and love to have people in our home. You will find me going to yard sales or thrifting. I do love coffee and enjoy meeting with others and discussing life over a hot cup of coffee together. We love the time spent as a family. Our favorite thing to do together is travel. We have a very active and busy life. We have three kids and a bernedoodle dog named Reuben.

Hanna, age 10, is so full of joy. She has a heart for worship, and she is very gifted in music. You will find her composing worship songs, playing the piano, or baking. Evelynn, age 7, is extremely intelligent. She is always reading a thick chapter book or thinking about questions like why an octopus has three hearts or what would happen if the earth suddenly stopped spinning. Gideon, age 3, is a very fun, happy little guy. You will find him building things and exploring or being chased by his sisters.

Nick and I were both homeschooled growing up. We both knew we wanted to homeschool our own kids as well, but we weren't sure how that would look. We needed a curriculum that would fit around our active lifestyle, yet provide an education that each of our kids could benefit in using their own learning styles. I am not an organized person and no day ever looks the same. Nick is very organized, punctual, and structured.

How were we going to do this? How could I sit down and educate two of them while tending to the third? How would I teach the hard academic stuff in one grade while teaching the other to read and chase a toddler at the same time? Coming up with my own structure and schedule for the day along with each lesson in each subject for a school year seemed daunting to me. What about our busy life to go along with that? We had and currently have SO much on our plates... what curriculum could allow us the freedom to do these things, yet help give our children a quality education? Is there such a thing as both structure and freedom at the same time?

I started researching BJU Press Homeschool more, and that is when I reached out to a Homeworks by Precept Consultant. That consultant was so helpful and encouraging. She was so supportive, kind, and understanding; she was always there to answer our questions. It was then that I learned BJU Press Homeschool was not going to tie us down, but rather equip us and help us educate our children in the midst of what our busy life entails. My children are thriving academically as well as getting to do the things they love and be who they were created to be.

After seeing so many other families in the same boat we were in, I knew I wanted to be an encouragement to them as well. Each and every family is so unique. Every family has a different story and journey. This is why homeschooling is so wonderful. I became a Homeworks by Precept Consultant to encourage and support others as they take on this adventure. I am passionate about raising our children and educating them.

As a Homeworks by Precept Consultant, I have been called to be a part of what God is doing in each of our families as we, together, raise up our arrows into world changers. I absolutely love building relationships and seeing what The Lord is doing within our families as we take this on together.

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