Consultant Spotlight - Natalie Smith
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Natalie Smith lives in Fayetteville, NC – the home of Fort Bragg 82nd Airborne and US Army Special Operations. She graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling and a Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education. Natalie met her husband, Germaine, at Bob Jones University working in the University Cleaners. They have been married for 13 years. The Lord has blessed them with two girls.

Natalie spent five years in various educational settings from traditional classroom teaching, tutoring groups of students, and one-on-one tutoring before she had her first child. She enjoyed staying home utilizing that time to invest in her first child.

When it came time to talk about “formal” schooling, she didn’t know what she was going to do with her child educationally, as she was an October baby. She would clearly miss the cut off date. Together, Natalie and her husband decided to attempt to homeschool their daughter at the K5 level in the fall of 2014 using BJU Press Homeschool Distance Learning. They have not looked back. In fact, in the summer of 2017, they began homeschooling their second daughter using the K4 BJU Press Homeschool Distance Learning program “Chester and Friends.”

BJU Press Homeschool offers a DVD lease and online option for the Distance Learning program. They especially love the flexibility that comes with using online. Their girls love having one-on-one mommy time during their school days. So, Natalie teaches as well as utilizes the online format. Both children are thriving academically and spiritually growing in the grace and knowledge of God.

Why BJU Press Homeschool? First, Natalie loves the gentle approach to learning, precept upon precept. Second, she loves that it develops critical thinking skills, helping her children understanding the why and how of what they are learning. Finally, she loves the biblical worldview that is woven throughout the curriculum, understanding and seeing God’s hand in all areas of life. There are so many other things that she loves about it. But, these are her top three reasons!

Martin Luther sums it up well, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.”

About two years ago, after many questions and lots of prayer, Natalie became a HomeWorks by Precept Consultant. Natalie enjoys setting up events to help meet the needs of the homeschool community. She has learned that you can never know who is needing BJU Press Homeschool curriculum as each family homeschools differently and their timing may not be the same as hers.

She loves the one-on-one conversations that she has with her customers…which doesn’t always include curriculum! She makes it a point to add her customers to her prayer list and pray for them weekly. Natalie is thankful for the HomeWorks by Precept team that encourages one another, prays for one another and challenges one another.

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