Consultant Spotlight - Nicole Galvan
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My eldest daughter was in a crisis many years ago. She had been categorized as a special needs student. We didn't have any answers at the time, but she had been labeled as learning disabled. We later found out that she was dyslexic and developmentally delayed. The school was pulling her out of the classroom multiple times a day. By her third-grade year, she had an all-A report card, but she could barely put two syllables together when she read. Each year, we could see the teachers repeating a pattern of allowing her to get further and further behind. This was covered by her special needs label.

Although she had been in the public school classroom for six years (we started with two years of a preschool program, kinder, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade), she was not progressing. Instead of setting higher expectations for her ability to achieve, the school lowered the bar year after year. In a very dramatic meeting, we begged the school to allow her to repeat the 3rd grade.

At the tender age of 8, I could see her growing more disillusioned and angry. She had begun to lash out at home. She was hiding her anxiety and fear of school behind a tough persona which often resulted in her becoming verbally aggressive with other children. The school refused to hold her back because "they just didn't do that anymore.”

It was evident to us, her parents, that she was on the pathway to becoming a future dropout. I was devastated. I had no idea what to do. I worked full-time at our family's factory. Homeschooling was not an option on my radar. But a chance encounter with a woman who had nine homeschooled children of her own brought a dear friend into my life.

Over the few years that I had known her, I had observed the incredible results of homeschooling in her family. I desired to see my daughter, who had become so angry and bitter at such a young age, have an opportunity to return to a place where she could learn in safety and where a godly character could be fostered.

After many years, I am pleased to report that this same daughter is a delightful student and has a heart for Jesus. She is an avid reader (despite dyslexia) and has become a mostly “A” student. She is currently working on a dual enrollment plan which will allow her to integrate her BJU high school curriculum. She will begin her first semester of college work next fall. I have gone on to homeschool my up-and-coming middle schooler and a rising preschooler.

I have never forgotten the time and love that was poured into our family when we were in crisis and the answer provided by homeschooling. Because of this experience, I wish to do for others what was once done for me. Although I wear many hats and have a full-time career, I see my journey as a consultant as an opportunity to serve other families who may also be in crisis and to show them how they may find an answer in BJU Homeschool as a means to rescue their own children. Each year I talk to countless families that are feeling stress for a variety of reasons. I carry a burden for these families, and I have a true passion for homeschooling. I desire to comfort parents who are experiencing the same feelings of hopelessness that I once felt. I desire to encourage, inspire and give parents a reason to hope for the blessings that God pours out through Christ-centered education and worldview.

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