Defeating “Homeschool Burnout” Part 2
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In Defeating Homeschool Burnout Part 1, we looked at 12 ways to help better DEFEAT the ugly burn that is caused by what I call "Homeschool Burnout". We're going to jump right in, and look at 11 more ways to help any of us finding ourselves trying to overcome the sting.

• Don’t Micromanage – This goes for your home, your children and your husband. Take a deep breath Momma, and stand back while providing a safe place. Don’t hover. Let your children make mistakes. Let them wear mismatched clothes once in a while. If they really want to dip their apple slices in the ranch it’s really not harming anything! Don’t be afraid to loosen the reins a little. It helps in keeping your sanity, but also teaches your kids what is acceptable and what is not, and also teaches them learn more independence while at home and under your roof! Remember, your hands are always holding those reins. Feel free to lovingly tighten or loosen them as your children grow and mature. You’re the parent, and the teacher. Take charge and don’t forget to let your kids be kids while doing it!

• Find Time to Renew - When you find time to refresh and renew your own soul, you will be ready to pour into those in your home. If this means taking a break off of school so you can recoup and regain your bearings, do it! You will find that being refreshed and renewed will enable you to more adequately tackle this thing called homeschooling. Take some time to soak your feet in the evening, or read a good book. Find something that helps you feel more refreshed! And remember, it's totally okay to rest.

• Get Outside – Get some fresh air DAILY! Even if it’s only for 15-20 minutes, the bright sun and fresh air can refresh you and your children, leaving you all with a little burst of energy to keep going. You can even bring your schoolwork outside on occasion, and get some much-needed vitamin D while learning! Enjoy God's creation often!

• Take More Breaks –Finding time for breaks is beneficial for both the teacher, and the students! Allow time for sweet refreshment. Go on a few field trips! There is so much you can learn outside of your classroom. Nature walks are another great way to break away from workbooks as well. Taking breaks refreshes our minds and resets our focus.

• Don’t Follow the Local School’s Schedule – Take time off when YOU want. Not just because your local school has time off. Choose whether or not to have a snow day. You’re the teacher, enjoy that freedom!

• Make More Time for Special Days – Don’t just make your first and last days of school a super hit. Make days in between special as well! Have specially planned foods or themes for different days. Don’t lose the fun you can have while homeschooling. Changing things up a bit adds surprise and something new to your typical routine.

• Join a Homeschool Group – Look around your local area and find a homeschool group near you. Many groups have planned outings and field trips. Homeschool groups are a great way to connect with many like-minded homeschoolers, while making new friends, for your children and yourself! Join as much or as little as your family's schedule allows. Some activities may not be right for you, or not a fit for your particular season in life. You are the manager of your school. You know what you can and cannot manage in a year of school.

• Remember Why You Do What You Do – and who you are doing it for! The ultimate reason you've chosen to homeschool must stay at the forefront of your mind. Always.

• Show Love, Soft Answers, and Compassion – It’s much more important to display these character traits to your child than it is to finish that math page they may be struggling with. We have choices to make every day. Hollering at our kids to finish their work just creates more chaos. When you choose to calmly and lovingly guide them and encourage them to keep trying, you’re way ahead of the game! “Some days will be harder than others, but if you choose love, soft answers, and compassion, you will always win. But even that isn’t true, depending on what you see as a “win” .So maybe “Some days it will be harder to choose love, soft answers, and compassion, but that will always be the best choice.”

• Set Time to Reconnect - It's important to find time to spend with your spouse. Set up a small date in your room while the kids watch an Unusual Films DVD - and just talk! You have my homeschooling momma permission right here: you don't even have to talk about SCHOOL! Just reconnect as a couple. Even if you are exhausted, find a little time each week to just sit down with your husband in quiet, or in talk. Watch the tensions fade. You will both be blessed by time spent together!

• Remember, Your Children Are Not Your Own – They are simply on loan to us from God. We are stewards of these precious, priceless souls. Don’t raise them to be great children; don’t raise them to be wonderful adults either. Raise them equipped to be the next generation, grounded strongly on the Lord, so that they have the opportunity to choose to be great, wonderful loving and Godly adults! God uses your parenting and homeschooling to pass on our rich Christian heritage from generation to generation!

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