Homeschool Hacks for Time Management
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Rrrring. . . “So you read pages”. . . Rrring. . . “36 and 37” . . . Rrring. . . “while I take this call.”
Beep. (From the washer)
Beep. Beep. (From the oven. Preheated. Time to put lunch in.)
Ding. (Facebook message.)
MOM?!!? (Give the “I’m on the phone” look.)
Step to the next room to take the call in peace.
Kids (likely): Break Time!!!!

"Sound familiar? If you are a homeschool family, most likely you have faced a scenario similar to this before. Trying to teach your children while also fulfilling your other roles can be a challenge. The multiple roles of a homeschool parent leads to multiple challenges of managing time. We will save scheduling and managing student time for another post. Right now, let’s focus on YOU and some tips that can help.

Designated Area – Reduce time wasted finding supplies – or students!

Especially if you have a large house or many children, you need to designate a room (or two) for your children to stay in during school hours. You can’t teach them if you can’t find them. I visited a homeschool mom recently who built a new house. Her homeschool had an outside door to a balcony with no stairs. I loved it! Her kids will be able to do some of their independent work outside without “getting away.” If you haven’t made this a “rule” in your homeschool, train your kids to stay in a designated area during school time.

Of course, keep your school books and supplies in a designated area as well. Having designated areas for your children will help keep the books in one spot. If you do have a child that is often losing a book, consider an e-book version or use distance learning which for many classes comes with a .pdf version of the textbook.

Are you going somewhere and considering taking a book along? Be honest about how easy it is going to retrieve it if it gets left there.

Buy plenty of pencils and a good pencil sharpener. These are not expensive enough to waste time in your homeschool. Make sharpening pencils part of homeschool area cleanup.

Plan some. Teach often. Maximize your direct time with kids.

Homeschooling will take time. Some of that time is spent directly with your child– answering questions, encouraging, teaching, going over independent work etc. Some of that time is not spent directly with your child – choosing curriculum, reading homeschool articles, studying materials, creating schedules, grading, etc.

You want to spend several more hours directly WITH your children because those hours contribute the most directly towards your child’s education, and likely, your enjoyment of your homeschool role.

There are two great ways to maximize this ratio. One is to choose a curriculum that has a great deal of planning done for you. You need to know the components of a great curriculum for a homeschool, but spend several hours shopping every year. Another is to make your grading more effective. Because grading and correcting are important to your child’s education and you want to see them excel, do them in a way that benefits them the most.

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