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Homeschooling in Ohio
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In 2006, when we first moved to Ohio, I was asked if I would homeschool my children. My answer was a shock, "NO!" There was no way I was going to home school. In fact, the thought really never entered my mind! 

When I was asked, my oldest was entering 1st grade, my other three were under 5, and I was eight months pregnant with number five. The thought of teaching my children at home sounded impossible. As the Lord continued to lead and began to research how to get started, I realized that getting started homeschooling in Ohio is simple and straightforward. Our family has enjoyed the freedom of homeschooling our ten children since 2006. 


There are several simple requirements you should know. You do not need approval to homeschool your child. Instead, you must submit a Notice of Intent (NOI), which is sent to your local school superintendent. 

Parent or Guardian's Responsibility

A parent must provide an annual notification to homeschool to the superintendent of the public school district of residence, including the:

  • School year for which notification is made. 
  • Name and address of the parent 
  • Full name and birth date of the child 
  • Name and address of the person(s) who will teach the child, if other than the parent.
  • Assurance that the homeschool will include the required subjects listed below. 
  • A brief outline of your curriculum.
  • A list of textbooks or other necessary teaching materials, assurance of hours, and instructor qualifications.


State Requirements


Attendance Ages: 6-18 years 

Hours of School: 900 hours. 

Required Subjects

  • Language
  • Reading 
  • Spelling 
  • Writing 
  • Geography 
  • History of the United States and Ohio Government 
  • Math 
  • Science 
  • Health 
  • Physical education 
  • Fine arts (including music) 
  • First aid 
  • Safety 
  • Fire prevention. 

Earning an Ohio Diploma with Ohio Homeschooling

English Language Arts – 4 units

Health – ½ unit

Mathematics – 4 units

Physical education – ½ unit

Science – 3 units

Social Studies – 3 units

Electives – 5 units

  •    Mathematics unitsmust include 1 unit of algebra II or the equivalent of algebra II.
  •    Science unitsmust include 1 unit of physical science, 1 unit of life science, and 1 unit of advanced study in one or more of the following sciences:
  • chemistry, physics, or other physical science
  • advanced biology or other life science
  • astronomy, physical geology, or other earth or space science
  •    Social studies unitsmust include ½ unit of American history and ½ unit of American government.
  •    Electives unitsmust include one or more foreign language units, fine arts, business, career-technical education, family and consumer sciences, technology, agricultural education or English language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies courses not otherwise required.
  • All students must receive instruction in economics and financial literacyduring grades 9 -12 and must complete at least two fine artssemesters.


Homeschool Teacher Qualifications

  • The homeschool teacher must have a high school diploma; or
  • Test scores which demonstrate high school equivalence; or
  • The parent must "work under the direction of a person holding a baccalaureate degree until the children's test results demonstrate reasonable proficiency."

Three Options for Assessment for Ohio Homeschooling

  1. Standardized Testswith a composite score of 25th% or more and given by an Ohio licensed or certified teacher, the public school, another person mutually agreed upon by the parents and superintendent, or a person by the test's publisher. 
  2. written narrativefrom a certified teacher or other person agreed upon by the parent and superintendent, 
  3. An alternative assessmentis mutually agreed upon by the parents, and the superintendent shows that the child's work has been reviewed, and the progress demonstrated was within the child's abilities.

Annual Process for Home Education

  • Within one week of the school year, parentsmust send a home education annual notificationform to the local school district superintendent
  • Within 14 days of receipt of notification: superintendent reviews the notification and determines if it is compliant and notifies the parent
  • At the start of every school year after that: submit a notification and academic assessment report. I have my children tested using the Iowa achievement testing at the end of the school year. The results of the tests I send to the superintendent with my notification form
  • You can easily order the Stanford or Iowa Academic Assessments through BJU Press by calling a HomeWorks by Precept Consultant.


I am so thankful for the ease of homeschooling in Ohio. Having the opportunity to spend more time with each of my children has been one of the best homeschooling benefits. As the bond between my children grows, the foundation for open communication, discussion of personal matters, and godly guidance are strengthened between each one of my children. I hope you enjoy homeschooling in Ohio as much as we have. 

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Cassandra DeLeon - HomeWorks by Precept Consultant


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