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Homeschooling Year-Round
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Each homeschooling home is unique. That is one of the beauties of homeschooling. We have the opportunity to adapt curriculum, schedules, calendars, and various other things to fit the needs of our home and family. One of the adaptations that I made for our home and family was to our school calendar. The traditional school calendar did not necessarily fit our needs, so my husband and I decided that we would opt for a year-round school schedule.

This is how my school calendar worked. I started our school year in September. We started the week after Labor Day. I started on the Monday so that we had a full week. We would work until the week before Thanksgiving. We would take the week of Thanksgiving to the first week of January off. Sometimes this was a five-week break and sometimes it was a six-week break depending on how the holiday fell. We would begin again in January and work until April. In April, we would take a two-week break. We would pick up school again after the two-week break and work until June when we would take a week off to go to church camp. After camp, we would begin again and work until the end of July. We would then take another 5 to 6 week break before we started the new school year.

You may be asking yourself, “Why such a modified year-round schedule?” Well to start, we live in a climate where it is really hot in the summer. We tend to hibernate in the air-conditioned house for June, July, and August. Without much to do, it made sense to have school when we couldn’t be outdoors other than for swim lessons. We would do swim lessons in the morning and school in the afternoon. In addition, my husband is a high school Chemistry teacher. This gave him an opportunity to be involved in some of the school activities. He would grade writing assignments, help with labs, or just engage with the boys on some of their assignments.

We took the holiday season off because it is just a busy time of year and our winter climate tends to be mild. We could be outdoors more. The boys would help with decorating and we would always make cookies for caroling that they would also help decorate. This also gave them time off when Dad was off for the holidays. The two weeks in April were so we had time off for our fair week and then time off with Dad when he had his spring break. Then of course when we went to camp in June there was no academics, just a time of spiritual growth and other types of learning.

Just like curriculum and a daily schedule/routine, your school calendar is just another tool in your tool box to help you as you navigate the journey of homeschooling. Each family’s calendar may look a little different, but that is okay because each family has unique needs. Make your school calendar fit the needs of your family. You won’t regret it.

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