JourneyForth Book Review: Mice Adventure Series
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Shiver me timbers, what a great series for young readers! Tim Davis has written and creatively illustrated a series that has been a family favorite. If you're looking for a "hook" to turn your reluctant reader into an avid chapter book reader, you've found it.

In Mice of the Herring Bone, Charles and Oliver, two hungry mice, find themselves upon a ship of pirate dogs. Exciting adventures await because they must save the queen's ship (of cats, no less) and treasure! The series continues with Mice of the Westing Wind, Book One and Mice of the Westing Wind, Book Two. Readers can continue their adventures with Mice of the Nine Lives, and finally Mice of the Seven Seas. You will enjoy the books most if you read them in order, but it isn't an absolute must.

These books are very fun to read aloud. The characters really come to life even in the simply-written text. If I were helping a student whose reading was monotone, I'd choose these books to teach them to read with inflection and interest. Your child is much more likely to be an avid reader if his reading sounds interesting. Who can resist using the voice of a squeaky mouse or an angry pirate sea dog?

The books are at the right reading level for most third graders, but a much older student will still enjoy them. My teenager can quote long sections of the book, much to the delight of his younger siblings.

Cover used with permission from [Mice of the Herringbone] by Tim Davis. © [1992,2007], BJU Press. (available from JourneyForth Books, a division of BJU Press, at

The first book of the series, Mice of the Herring Bone, is also available on DVD. What a delight! Students can hear the book being read, see incredible illustrations, and even read along with the words on the screen.

Editor's note: The Mice of the Herring Bone books are written for early-elementary readers and can be purchased individually or in a set. Mice of the Herring Bone can be purchased as a stand-alone book or in a DVD set. The DVD can be purchased separately and includes a read-along track! Watch the trailer here.

All of the Mice books can also be purchased as a complete set (not including the DVD). Each book includes free activity pages that can be downloaded from the website (click on each link in this blog for the book you are interested in, and you will see a place to download the activity pages).

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