Now is the Right Time to Check Out BJU Press Homeschool Distance Learning Online Video Classes!
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It’s time for the $99 DLO Sale! DLO stands for Distance Learning Online. Our textbooks, K-12, have an accompanying expert teacher. When you order DLO, pre-recorded videos can be accessed through your student’s individual BJU Press Online account. Your student will have a clear checklist of his assignments, quizzes, and videos right within the portal. Starting in 5th grade, the student can also take quizzes and tests within the portal, and most of the grading is done for you. You also have access to a parent portal, giving you many additional resources and grading helps.

The $99 sale give you access to one class through December 31, 2019. You can order as many classes as you’d like. Make sure you also order books for the class, if you don’t have them already! Contact a consultant for both the $99 class sale and a 10% discount and free shipping on books.


A Chance to Try It Out - We’ve seen distance learning become a blessing for so many families by providing the quality of Christian education parents want for their children, but the switch can feel like a big leap. The $99 sale gives many families an economical way to try a distance learning class.

A New Way to Live Up to Your Good Intentions - I sometimes overestimate how much I can teach. I love to teach. By mid-year, I am a bit more realistic. I can only do so many BJU Press Homeschool parent-led classes. The DLO sale lets me switch to Distance Learning, often without the expense of purchasing any extra books. (Check with your consultant to verify that you have the correct editions.)

Flexibility and The Right Time to Start - Sometimes the best start time for a student isn’t in August or September. If your student wasn’t ready in the fall, but they are ready now, the $99 DLO sale is perfect. You will still have the class for almost a year since it’s good until December 31, 2019. I love the flexibility of homeschooling!

Life Changes - You may be adding a job. . . or a baby . . . or a son-in-law. A DLO class can help you bring balance to your changing life by giving you more flexibility for any of those unexpected life changes without compromising your students’ education. DLO classes are taught by expert teachers!

A Change of Pace for a Reluctant Student - Maybe this is your first year homeschooling and you have found your student less than cooperative. Maybe you have homeschooled for years and are struggling with different learning styles. The $99 DLO class may be just the tool you need! It is your chance to see if your student will thrive under different instruction, while still being in charge of their education!

Are you planning to add a DLO class this January? Please let us know in the comments!

*The sale runs from January 9th through January 23rd, 2019. This offer is valid only on DLO: Video Only subjects (Distance Learning Online Subject Kits without books). K4 is not eligible for the discount. Some textbook editions may not be compatible with current Distance Learning Online classes. This offer cannot be used on previous orders. This offer expires at 11:59 pm (ET) on January 23rd. 2019

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