The Gadallan Trilogy
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The Gadallan Trilogy is complete! Dawn L. Watkins has gifted us with more than just high adventure and entertainment. These three books have the potential to shape the heart and character of your child.


Read Medallion first. This boy-to-man story begins with Trave, who cannot wait to rule Gadalla, a job that his weak uncle assumed upon the death of Trave's father. When Gris, a neighboring king, comes to warn the uncle of a potential threat, Trave is drawn to the visiting king's regal bearing. Trave learns of a medallion that gives the owner the right to rule Gadalla, and he embarks with Gris on a quest to find it.

Through both word and deed, Gris teaches Trave what it takes to be a truly great and noble king. He advises, "You cannot rule a country until you can rule yourself." (Medallion 115) He serves rather than demanding service. He treats both man and beast with kindness and respect and values the skills of those around him. He upholds justice and opposes evil while at the same time practicing love and forgiveness.

Although we immediately discern that Trave would make a better king than his uncle, journeying with Gris teaches us the same lessons that Trave learns. We glimpse our own pride, selfishness, and distaste for correction. Even though this book is not an allegory, we cannot help but draw parallels to our spiritual lives. We see the deceitfulness of the Enemy and our foolishness in following him. We perceive the wisdom and goodness of the King. All is right when we are with Gris.


After you have read Medallion, go back and read its prequel, Shield, which explains much of the back-story. Why is there trouble between the nations? How did Gris become so wise? One of the best parts of Shield is getting to meet younger versions of some of the characters from Medallion.

We encounter several youthful characters, both male and female, who choose to follow the wisdom of their elders. These guardians warn that evil seeks to destroy goodness, so we must take care to guard all that is good. As young people decide to shoulder burdens for others' sake, we also imagine acting in such noble ways. Do we have the courage to stand against evil? Will we have wisdom for the task and the endurance to finish well?

The author again uses the experience of previous generations to hearten us. "When the cause is great, so is the strength." (Shield 79)


Arrow finishes the trilogy. Trave is now king, and evil attempts to rise again. When his daughter and a neighboring queen are captured, Trave realizes that he must act not only out of duty and right but also out of love for all that is good and true and beautiful. We thrill as those who have served faithfully throughout the series unite to stand against the common enemy. We delight in the character of these heroes and long to be in their company. We aspire to become like them ourselves.

Nuggets of wisdom are found so frequently throughout the series that we feel as if we are reading the book of Proverbs in story form. Like Trave and the young ones, we all could use lessons in selfless leadership and true nobility. The struggles of the countries surrounding Gadalla open our eyes to the evil that threatens our own world. Watching these characters fight back makes us realize that we, too, must act. "We are the men of the times. We are to be the heroes of this day!" (Arrow 151)

Our children need books like the Gadallan Trilogy. They need so much more than entertainment. Let's give our children purpose, courage, and wisdom for living well.

The Gadallan Trilogy is written for children ages nine and up. If you want to inspire younger children toward noble character and selfless leadership, you will want to read A King for Brass Cobweb, also by Dawn L. Watkins. Beautiful illustrations grace this story about finding a king who is brave, wise, and true. These and other beneficial books are available from JourneyForth, a division of BJU Press. Contact your HomeWorks by Precept Consultant to order these books with special pricing.

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