What I Wish I Knew Before Starting BJU Press Homeschool Video Classes
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Ever since the Lord called me to this mission field called homeschooling, I've known that even if it was difficult, it was what we would do. There were days in my early years of homeschooling when I really didn't know how I would give my children the education that my husband and I wanted to give them. I found that I could either be an intentional mom and homemaker or a great teacher for my children. I would go through seasons of doing one or the other really well while my other responsibilities suffered. It was so discouraging. I wish I had known about BJU Press Homeschool video classes from the start.

I wish I had known these things before I started using BJU Press Homeschool video courses.

There is help available!

There were days when my toddler was having tantrum after tantrum as I tried to teach an older child. I knew he needed more attention from me. What I didn't know was how I could cuddle and read to my toddler while teaching my older children, never mind getting the dishes, laundry, and dinner done. Video courses have allowed me to find more time for ALL of my children and my household duties. What a blessing!

It can be very affordable.

To be honest, when I looked through the catalog, I decided I needed to look elsewhere for a less expensive curriculum. Don't get me wrong, the pricing is VERY fair for all that you receive; in fact, even at full price, it’s a steal. You are getting a private Christian school education at a fraction of the cost with the freedom of homeschooling!

At that time, my husband was in the process of changing careers, and no one would take him on as an apprentice because he had no experience. Times were tough. He did eventually get his start and is well on his way to becoming a journeyman electrician. (Praise God!)

My HomeWorks Consultant helped me to find a way to start using video courses through special pricing that she can offer. Always check with a consultant. There are great deals to be had!

The teachers are amazing!

I cannot express fully how thankful I am for these wonderful people! They are masters of their craft and truly love their students. What a joy it was for my two oldest to meet Mrs. Overly and Mrs. Walker at a homeschool convention a couple of years ago!

You can homeschool and work from home.

I have been able to answer e-mails, respond to customers, and do online training while my oldest children are busy learning. I love my ministry of serving the homeschool community through HomeWorks by Precept, and BJU Press Homeschool video courses have given me the flexibility to work while my children are learning.

Their video courses build confidence and independence.

This one I did not see coming. My oldest children are both becoming more independent in their learning. I get to watch and help as needed as they find they can manage more and more of their school day. They are so proud of themselves!

Video Courses help relationships.

Ever had a child that did not want to have you teach them? How about one that bucked against your instruction because you weren't “his teacher?" What about one that is so similar to you that you tend to get under each other's skin? Video courses have allowed me to keep my "mom” hat on more of the time. I went from teacher to facilitator and cheerleader overnight. It is a wonderful change!

We still learn together all of the time.

We discuss things they are learning as a family or just in passing as we do life together. We work on projects and labs together. We tried recipes that were suggested in a lesson. We read so many great living books together. Since I am not stretching myself so thin, I have found joy in all of these things!

This one is BIG. You do not have to do everything!

BJU Press Homeschool does a great job of giving you all that you would need to teach even a struggling learner. It is designed so that you have plenty of examples to work through if your child is having a hard time with a concept.

As your child's facilitator and parent, you are in charge of what your child does and does not do. Once a concept is mastered, we move on. If there is a chapter we have already covered in some other way, we skip it (I admit, it is rare, the content is just so rich that we don't want to miss anything.)

Let the curriculum be your tool, not your master.

It’s really portable.

My children have been able to get schoolwork done in doctors' waiting rooms, at libraries, in dance school lobbies, in the car, at Grandma's house… the list goes on.

Homeschooling high school can be exciting instead of scary.

My oldest is so excited to get to Mr. Harmon's classes. We like to get sneak peeks at all of BJU Press's offerings on their YouTube channel. He watches the upper-level classes and can barely wait to get to those “awesome” classes.

As a parent and educator, I have my strengths and weaknesses. I am so thankful I don’t have to fret over how I will teach chemistry! I am much more of a literature and writing kind of gal, and that is totally okay. I know I will have expert faculty at my fingertips to make high school a great success!

I hope these have been helpful and eye-opening for you. Be sure to contact your local HomeWorks Consultant for great deals and year-round homeschool support. We are on this journey together!

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