Why in the World Do You Homeschool?
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I am frequently asked the question, “Why in the world do you homeschool?” and the question is generally followed by, “I could never do that! I don’t have the patience!" or "You just don’t know my kids!" or "You must be so organized!” Inside my brain, I smile and think about this “loaded” question!

A “simple” question, but for me, I don’t feel that it has a simple answer! I always labor over how best to answer the question of “why do we homeschool?” For our family it began out of necessity and quite frankly I “fought God and LOST” over the whole matter! I had so many preconceived notions about "homeschoolers” and didn’t want that for our home. I thought our children would be “failures” and suffer from a lack of “traditional” education. However...I can’t begin to put into words though how grateful I am for the past 17 years (with 7 more to go!) of the overwhelming privilege of educating our children at home!

Daily God shows me what I need to change in order to help our children learn and daily He shoves me to my knees as I must lean hard on Him for strength and wisdom for each thing! We educate our children at home because we firmly believe that is what is best for our children and for our family! I have the privilege of teaching them to think critically and look at every subject in light of Scripture. I get the “privilege” of being there when the tears are welling up over a difficult concept or struggle but I also have the opportunity of being in the front row when the “light bulb” comes on and they “get it!” I get to be their cheerleader along the way! We believe Deuteronomy 6 is very clear, as are so many other passages in Scripture, that our role as parents is to continually be training our children to live for God and capture their hearts to live for Him. Education is a part of that, but I am with our children all day and have the privilege to train them continually as we encounter things in the classroom or in their lives that we need to “work on” daily.

Our family is involved in a full-time ministry that can make for a very crazy life schedule and our children have been able to have so many life experiences and ministry opportunities. They have been able to rub elbows with some of the spiritual “heroes” of our time by being flexible in our school schedule. They can drop everything at a moment’s notice and go help a sick, elderly friend or serve a person who needs help, or meet a need that has come up at church in the middle of the day (and can sweetly finish school that evening)!

Could our children be stronger academically in a different situation? Possibly--although we have at least one with dyslexia and I feel he could have easily slipped through the cracks had he been in a traditional classroom. Could they be influenced more by the world in a traditional school setting? Definitely! Are they perfect? No! Am I? No way! Am I an incredibly organized, patient mommy? Unfortunately not! Am I more “spiritual” because we chose to homeschool? No! Do I firmly believe that this is the best way to capture the overall hearts of our children and train them to go out from our homes the most adequately prepared to serve God? Absolutely! That is the “short” answer for why we have chosen to educate our children at home. I don’t usually share that answer with everyone but I know that I am blessed to have been entrusted with this incredible blessing of educating our children! Now that you know why I homeschool, tell us why you chose to homeschool your children!

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