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Monday, 17 December 2018

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JourneyForth Books offers a wide range of novel choices for your readers ages nine to young adult including fiction, non-fiction, and Bible studies. Here are a few reviews from our HomeWorks by Precept Consultant family members.

Cover used with permission from [Regina Silsby's Secret War] by Thomas J. Brodeur. © [2004], BJU Press. (available from JourneyForth Books, a division of BJU Press, at

Regina Silsby's Secret War

The story is set in Boston during the winter of 1773-74. We meet the main characters on the night of the Boston Tea Party. After watching the events transpire in Boston Harbor, Rachel Winslow is chased by British soldiers. The chase leads her to a cemetery that the colonists believe is haunted. Rachel leaves her cloak behind a tombstone and hides nearby. The soldiers find the cloak and are led to believe that they are chasing a ghost. The soldiers run out of the cemetery in a panic and spread the rumor of chasing a ghost around Boston. The rest of the book tells the daring escapades of the ghost, Regina Silsby, and her many close calls.

Regina Silsby's Secret War is a page-turner and will keep you on the edge of your seat in suspense. The author, Thomas J. Brodeur, uses many of Rachel's mishaps as teaching points and often refers to the Bible to illustrate a point. The book also deals with the consequences of your actions and how those actions may do more harm than good. This book was written for young adults but may be frightening for younger children.

Cover used with permission from [Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia] by Thomas J. Brodeur. © [2005], BJU Press. (available from JourneyForth Books, a division of BJU Press, at

Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia

Regina Silsby's ghost is back and haunting the streets of Boston once again. When Rachel Winslow returns to Boston to find her brother, she is aware of a huge need for someone to help the rebel colonists. She begins masquerading as Regina Silsby once again. Along with her cousin, Sarah, they gather information about the British troop movements and plans and thwart the redcoats' attempts to crush the rebels and end the war.

During one of their many escapades, they shoot a man in the act of being an assassin. Sarah is then regretting her decision and begins to ask Rachel many questions about God and why good people are suffering for other people's wrongs. The author, Thomas J. Brodeur, artfully inserts the gospel message and answers Sarah's questions about suffering from a biblical worldview. Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia is a wonderful read and wraps up some loose ends from the previous book. It can be read alone as the needed background information is given by the characters. This book is a very good sequel to Regina Silsby's Secret War.

Regina Silsby's book reviews were written by Paul Vosburgh, age 17

Cover used with permission from [River of Danger] by Denise Williamson. © [2008], BJU Press. (available from JourneyForth Books, a division of BJU Press, at

River of Danger

Young-Wolf is a young and adventurous kid who loves a challenge. When he and his older brother, Bear-Lad, are asked to run a course and come back to retrieve an English knife, he jumps at the challenge. Bear-Lad wins the race, and Young-Wolf is angry because he didn't get the knife. Young-Wolf talks with Captain, the chief of the tribe, and is asked if he could spy on Samuel Kirkland, the missionary. Young-Wolf is not so sure about spying on this missionary, but he does it anyway. He finds out that the words the missionary says are true and the Bible is something to depend on. The tribe runs out of food, and Young-Wolf, his father, mother, newborn sister, and the missionary must go on a trip to an English settlement for food. On the way, they get to a spot where the water is quite rough, and the canoe breaks. You'll want to read the book River of Danger to find out if they survive.

Written by Kayla Vosburgh, age 11

Cover used with permission from [Ellanor's Exchange] by Linda Hayner. © [2005], BJU Press. (available from JourneyForth Books, a division of BJU Press, at

Ellanor’s Exchange

This book is a great tale of mystery as Ellanor is introduced into high society in early London. She must decide if she will be involved with deception to protect her family - or do what she knows to be right. In this excellent book for teens, Ellanor's Exchange, author Linda Hayner shows through the character Ellanor how the thirst for power, wealth and influence are as dangerous in times past as it is today. A fantastic read!

Cover used with permission from [Gunner's Run] by Rick Barry. © [2007], BJU Press. (available from JourneyForth Books, a division of BJU Press, at

Gunner’s Run

Rick Barry's fast-moving, exciting story is of a young man, Jim Yoder, fleeing Nazi Germany after he survives his plane crash across enemy lines. He must escape detection by the Nazis - and more importantly, he meets with those in the underground who will show him God's great love in providing him a Savior. A fantastic book for teens that love the WWII era, Gunner's Run helps to expose the wickedness of the Nazi regime and the goodness of those in the underground that worked to help others at the risk of their own safety. Reviews of Gunner's Run and Ellanor's Exchange were written by Mikaela Martinez, age 14.

Cover used with permission from [The Man You Could Be] by Paul W. Downey. © [2007], BJU Press. (available from JourneyForth Books, a division of BJU Press, at

The Man You Could Be

I read the book The Man You Could Be by Paul Downey. It taught about how to stick with God like Joshua. The main book of the bible it talks about is Joshua. This book is not by chapter. It's by lessons, and each lesson is about something that happened to Israel or Joshua. Each lesson gives a memory verse and a section of the Bible to read. The book then asks within each lesson questions both about the section of the Bible you've read and the lesson presented in the book.

This book should be read by any God-seeking young man. God gave me a job to do, and without being the man God created me to be, I could not be the man I can be. One of my favorite phrases is “It's not who you are. It's whose you are".

Written by Anson Ireland, age 12

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