The Homeschool Help We Needed
Tuesday, 19 March 2019

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As a homeschooling momma of 7, I'm familiar with the fear of ruining your children for life. I’ve even tossed around the idea of pushing my kids on the school bus and throwing in that towel! I desperately didn't want to, and I just didn't know what else to do! I was drowning. I needed homeschool help, and I didn't know where to find it!

I know the struggle of homeschooling many different grades all at once. And I am no stranger to homeschooling while keeping house, teaching Sunday School, heading up meal trains for the sick, being there for friends who have lost loved ones, or the bonus of working alongside my husband managing a small business day in and day out.

I know that juggling marriage and children is hard in any life circumstance, but add surgeries and hospital stays to homeschooling, and it almost breaks you. And it will if you lose your focus on why you continue to do what you do and who you are doing it for.

And goodness me, did I forget to mention those never-ending piles of laundry? I’m certain those could kill any mother off, homeschooling or not! Getting dinner on the table while dealing with whatever else life throws at you while homeschooling is a daily struggle for any homeschooling family.

I can't forget to mention that if a homeschool family misses a beat or their rhythm gets knocked off course, it can throw you off for weeks, maybe even months…(should I also say the rest of the year?) I shudder just thinking about it because I speak from experience. I have been there.

Can you relate? Do you know where I am coming from? Are you in the middle of it all right now? Dear struggling homeschooling parent, YOU are not alone! I understand!

My husband and I came to the realization several years ago that we just needed help - homeschooling help! We had a passion for teaching our children at home. We couldn't implement our desires to learn efficiently or fluently during some crazy storms we were experiencing in life or just everyday life in general.

We wanted to instill and teach our children well. We felt that if we were going to continue homeschooling, it had to be done right.

Our only stipulations:
• It had to fit our family.
• It needed to complement all learning types (because my kids all learn differently).
• The curriculum needed to be biblically sound.
• It needed to be solid academically, long-lasting & time-tested.
• It had to assist our homeschooling, not make any more work.
• It needed to be a K-12 curriculum.
• We wanted it to allow for critical thinking and learning.
• The work pages needed to be colorful and fun, not dull and drab.
• It was a must that it should be engaging with new adventures.
• It needed to help instill a fresh and fun love for learning.
• It was important to be a flexible curriculum that would complement our family's crazy life but would grow with us and the changes that continued to rearrange our lives.

This is where BJU Press Homeschool Distance Learning video courses came in.

Now, it hasn't remedied every homeschool problem we face, but I will tell you this, our homeschooling journey has progressed beyond what we could ever imagine. I don't say this lightly. It has beautifully enhanced our learning with solid professional teachers that have given my children a new and refreshed love for learning, and it's all happening right here in our home.

We found the help we needed! BJU Press Homeschool DLO has been an excellent tool the Lord has brought into our homeschooling journey. We connected with a HomeWorks by Precept Consultant and snagged an incredible deal. She shared her personal experience with DLO, and we are forever grateful for the time she took to share her own homeschooling story with us. I realized I wasn't alone in the struggles I was facing, and I was delighted to hear I had different homeschooling options!

BJU Press Homeschool DLO has made a difference in our lives for the better! A gigantic load has been lifted from my homeschooling momma's shoulders. I can confidently say we have only one regret! We wish we had switched to BJU Press Homeschool DLO sooner!

BJU Press Homeschool has even helped with my laundry issue! Yes, you heard me right! My laundry! I have been given more time to work on washing loads and folding piles, while professional teachers like Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Lawson or Mr. Harmon make our class times more fun and engaging! I can be totally present, less stressed, and more pleasant.

I’m available for any needs that arise with each of my children and their school work. I can work with a struggling reader, and my high schoolers don't have to wait for mom to move on to their math lesson. I am managing my home, and our business, serving others outside our home, being involved in church ministries, and assisting my HomeWorks customers, and get this… I am still homeschooling, and my children are getting everything they need and more!

Connect with your local HomeWorks by Precept Consultant! They are not only here to get you the best deal possible on your BJU Press Homeschool curriculum; they are also homeschooling parents like you, who understand, and who have been there, too. They are genuinely here to help you wade these homeschooling waters. Use this free homeschool help resource! Glean advice and wisdom from families who have gone before, parents who have been right in the middle of where you may be today. It's okay to reach out for the help you need. Consultants are here to encourage you on your journey!

Find a HomeWorks Consultant near you by using our consultant finder here!

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