Homeschooling in Michigan
Thursday, 14 November 2019

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Michigan is a diverse state. You can find everything, from skiing to surfing right here in our beautiful state. Another benefit of living here is that there are no reporting requirements placed on homeschoolers. We are free to educate our children as we see fit, without government oversight.

I am not a lawyer, so be sure to check with the experts at HSLDA for the latest specific homeschool laws for our state. They are an invaluable resource for all of your homeschool legal needs and questions. If you click here, you can find their specific “Michigan" page, which is full of information on our homeschool laws. If you are not a member, I would encourage you to consider becoming one. A HomeWorks by Precept consultant can help you with that.

Now for the fun stuff! The top ten reasons I love homeschooling in Michigan!

1. Homeschool Support Network

Worried about socialization? There are many homeschool support groups throughout Michigan. Our state homeschooling group is called MICHN , Michigan Christian Homeschool Network. They do so much to protect and promote homeschooling in Michigan. They also hold a wonderful homeschool convention called INCH, Inspirational Networking Conference for Homeschoolers. They bring in great speakers each year, host a HUGE used book sale, and have a large vendor hall for all of your curriculum needs.

Many local support groups offer co-ops where children and parents meet one or more days per week to learn together. Other opportunities you can find with a local support group include field trips (hello group discounts!), park days, beach days, mom's nights out, special needs support groups, and more. Locally, I have seen special events such as a barn dance, prom, excellent drama productions, and a graduation ceremony.

2. Amazing Libraries

We homeschoolers love books, don't we?!? They are a first-class ticket to anywhere you can imagine and a wealth of knowledge you can never exhaust. Michigan boasts some wonderful libraries and library cooperatives that can help you find just what you need, delivered for free to your home library. We have used inter-library loans countless times.

3. Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty

Looking for sand dunes, crystal clear blue water, and a great view of the Manitou Islands? Check out Sleeping Bear Dunes in Glen Arbor, Michigan. You can even go on Dune Rides at Mac Woods Dune Rides in Mears, MI. How about skiing? Caberfae, in Cadillac, Michigan, is a popular spot that offers winter sports while the snow flies and golf when the greens reemerge.

We even have surfing! On the west coast of Michigan, you can catch some huge waves as the seasons change in November. I have seen many kiteboarders brave the icy waters of Lake Michigan from the time it thaws to just before it freezes again.

Want to explore history on a beautiful island that has absolutely no cars? Be sure to put visiting Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) Island on your field trip bucket list! You can find more information on the island and all it has to offer, here .

For a great nature study, head up to the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) for some awesome waterfalls. Tahquamenon Falls State Park is just one stunning example of these.

4. Four Seasons

Enjoy God's creation in snowy winters, tulip-filled springs, summers with seemingly never-ending sunny days with beautiful sunrises and sunsets to frame them, and a crisp, windy fall, that leaves you yearning for some hot apple cider and a yummy cider donut, freshly baked at your favorite orchard's bakery.

5. Museums

Museums bring education to life. They spark the imagination and fuel the fire of the love of learning. Here are just a few of the museums in the great state of Michigan.

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum - Sault Ste Marie, MI
Holland Museum - Multiple Locations in Holland, MI
Air Zoo, Aerospace and Science Experience - Portage, MI
The Henry Ford Museum - Dearborn, MI
Impression 5 Science Center - Lansing, MI
Kelsey Museum of Archeology - Ann Arbor, MI

6. Fine Arts

We want our children to have a well-rounded education. My husband and I are both musicians, so this one is extra important to us. Exposing your children to these kinds of cultural experiences really adds richness to their education.

>Kalamazoo Bach Festival style='color: #1C1E29'>- Kalamazoo, MI
Grand Rapids Ballet - Grand Rapids, MI
Interlochen Center for the Arts - Interlochen, MI
Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) - Grand Rapids, MI
Art Prize - Grand Rapids, MI
Detroit Symphony Orchestra - Detroit, MI
Grand Rapids Symphony - Grand Rapids, MI
Opera Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids, MI

7. Zoos and Petting Farms

Oh, the fun at the zoo! It is so exciting to see a lion in all of its majesty, monkeys swinging in trees, and all sorts of other animals you might never see outside of the zoo. Try to find out when feeding times are so you can see the animals interacting with their handlers as well.

Deyoung Family Zoo- Wallace, MI
Lewis Farms - New Era, MI
Detroit Zoo - Royal Oak, M
>Oswald’s Bear Ranch - Newberry, Mi
Binder Park Zoo - Battle Creek, MI

8. Rich Agriculture

My children have grown up frequenting great farmers' markets and tasting different fruits and veggies throughout the growing season. We have gotten to know many farmers at these markets as the years have gone by. Admittedly, we have our favorites. They love fresh, right-off-the-farm produce, and I credit that to the area in which we live. In addition to the markets, we look forward to heading to the fields and picking some fresh fruit ourselves. It is a great experience for all of us, and the prices (and taste) can't be beat. We look forward to strawberry picking in early summer, blueberry picking in late summer, and of course, apple picking in the fall. We often make jams and applesauce to enjoy and save throughout the winter months. We still haven't picked enough fruit to make enough jam to last us all winter. It gets devoured!

9. Sense of Community

In this age of texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc. it can be easy to lose touch with those just outside your home. One of the reasons we chose to move here from across the country was to raise our children in a place that still had that “community" feel. We definitely hit the mark. There are so many parades, festivals, art fairs, and community events that you can't help but get to know your neighbors and your surrounding community.

10. Fun, Free Things to Do

Michigan is a state where it is hard to be bored. There are so many things to do that don't cost money: beaches, playgrounds, parks, hiking trails, miles of biking paths … the list goes on and on. You can enjoy a full, diverse, and active life on any budget!

We love homeschooling in Michigan. We chose Michigan, specifically, to live in, to raise our children in, and to grow old in. We could have lived in lots of other places, but none had the freedom, charm, and community that we have been blessed with. I hope you enjoyed this overview of Michigan homeschooling. What are your favorite reasons for homeschooling in Michigan?

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