Consultant Spotlight - Cassandra DeLeon
Friday, 03 April 2020

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Cassandra lives in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She graduated from Maranatha Baptist Bible College with a bachelor's degree in nursing. While in college, she met her husband, Michael. She has been married for 25 years, serving alongside him for 18 years as he pastors Lighthouse Baptist Church in New Concord, Ohio. He is now the senior pastor at Southport Baptist Church in Kenosha. They have been blessed with 11 children, ages 4-24. As a pastor's wife, a homemaker, and a 12-year home educator, she is passionate about encouraging other women in their walk with Jesus by sharing, counseling, and speaking to women about her favorite topic—Jesus.

Cassandra had the privilege of having been given a quality Christian education from kindergarten to 12th grade in one of the leading Christian schools in Indiana. As a result, she knew the importance of a Christian education taught from a biblical worldview. Therefore, when they moved to New Concord, Michael and Cassandra enrolled their children in a Christian school.

However, in the spring of 2002, at the age of five, Autumn, Cassandra's oldest daughter, had her first sign of illness-abdominal pain, diarrhea, and bleeding. When their pediatrician sent them to Children's Hospital in Columbus, the colonoscopy showed her entire large intestine ulcerated. Autumn continued to struggle; it seemed every six months. Because she was in and out of the hospital, she missed many days of school. The climax came in December of 2005 when she was admitted again, on Christmas Eve. They had to make a decision, on March 10th, 2006, after a 7-hour surgery, Autumn had her entire large colon removed. Throughout the summer of 2006, Autumn was in and out of the hospital, requiring a second emergency surgery.

Because of Autumn's health needs, Michael approached Cassandra that summer with the proposition of pulling the children out of the Christian school and homeschooling. However, Cassandra had seven children—ages 2-12, two of them babies and the rest of school age, sixth grade to kindergarten—and she was pregnant with number 8! She had no idea how she was going to homeschool, continue to be a mom and carry out the responsibilities of being a pastor's wife at the same time.

Cassandra's curriculum research ultimately led her to talk to a HomeWorks by Precept Consultant. That consultant was one of the first people that encouraged her that it was possible to homeschool five children with three babies. With much faith, she ordered five BJU Press Homeschool video lesson grade kits and fell in love with the ease of homeschooling. Now, she could take care of eight children, homeschool them, be a pastor's wife, and still maintain her sanity.

Cassandra wanted a curriculum that was gospel-centered. She desires that her children not only get a quality education, but that they know JESUS--for salvation from their sin, but also how to live their everyday lives through the power of the gospel ... the power to live a victorious Christian life because of the resurrection! Therefore, the most important reason she chose BJU Press Homeschool was the emphasis on a Christian worldview. She wanted her children to learn through the lens of the Bible and how it relates to the world. This biblical lens is applied throughout the entire curriculum: science, arts, government, math, and history. She is passionate about her children having a biblical worldview in every subject.

Academically, all of Cassandra's four graduated children have done well on their ACT and SAT college exams, with the 5th child, recently scoring a 32 on his ACT. She believes that the strong emphasis on critical thinking and learning how to put those thoughts on paper is a direct result of the excellence of BJU Press Homeschool lessons. With five still at home (ages 4-15), she continues using video classes.

Eight years ago, Cassandra became a consultant with HomeWorks by Precept primarily because of her and her family's enthusiasm and belief in the BJU Press Homeschool curriculum. It was a HomeWorks by Precept Consultant that gave her the confidence to enter the homeschooling lifestyle, and she loves encouraging other moms in their homeschooling journey.

As a HomeWorks Consultant, Cassandra loves being able to share BJU Press Homeschool materials with other moms, building lasting relationships, and even praying over the phone together. It's this connection and encouragement as a HomeWorks Consultant that helps her love what she does.

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