Consultant Spotlight - Jessie Johns
Friday, 24 April 2020

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Jessie Johns has lived in the sunny state of Florida since she was two years old. She graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor's degree in psychology and worked in the childcare industry for ten years. In 1996, she married her wonderful husband, Billy, and they have been married for 23 years. Together they have served in the children's ministry at their church for 22 years. They have also been blessed to have four children: three boys ages 19, 13, and 11, and one 16-year-old daughter.

The desire to homeschool came when their firstborn was four years old. He was a very active, energetic, smart boy, and she realized that a traditional school would not be the best fit for him. In 2004, Jessie and her husband went to the homeschool convention in Orlando, Florida, and they were amazed at the different options there were for homeschooling. Together with her husband, Jessie started to look for a curriculum, and they agreed that BJU Press Homeschool had everything that they were looking for to give their children an excellent education.

Jessie loves how God's Word is incorporated into every subject, how BJU Press Homeschool focuses on critical thinking, and how it provided her with all the tools that she needed to homeschool. They have used their video lessons and have loved it. Jessie enjoys watching the video lessons along with her children.

Last year, Jessie and Billy had their firstborn graduate from their home education program. They were excited when he received the dean's scholarship to a private Florida University. It was fulfilling to see all their hard work of homeschooling pay off in such a big way. They knew that it was because of the high education that BJU Press Homeschool provided that gave him the tools to succeed.

As a stay-at-home mom of four, Jessie has always had a passion for saving money and finding the best deals for every purchase. It was that passion that led her to her first BJU Press Curriculum Display five years ago. There Jessie met her local HomeWorks by Precept Consultant. She learned how she could save money with the event discounts and get free shipping. Jessie appreciated the help that she received from her consultant. When an opening arose, she was excited when she was asked if she would like to become the new consultant for South Florida.

Being a HomeWorks by Precept Consultant has been such a joy for Jessie. She takes pleasure in meeting and helping families on their homeschool journey. She enjoys sharing her story and why BJU Press was the right fit for them. Most importantly, though, Jessie feels privileged to share God's Word and love with each family that she meets. When Jessie isn't homeschooling, she loves to sit by the beautiful South Florida beaches, read a good book, and enjoy her family, and the paradise that she lives in.

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