Consultant Spotlight - Megan Hutson
Friday, 22 May 2020

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Megan Hutson is a homeschool graduate from Houston, Texas! She grew up using BJU Press Homeschool materials from the time she was in kindergarten until she graduated high school. During her junior and senior years of high school, Megan also took several dual credit classes at San Jacinto College. The transition from BJU Press Homeschool to college-level classes went smoothly.

After finishing her associate's degree in mathematics, Megan transferred to Texas A&M University and earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics along with a Texas teaching certificate in 8th-12th grade mathematics. Humorously, Megan's first full day of public high school occurred the day she stepped foot into her student teaching classroom to teach ninth-grade Algebra 1! After six years of teaching high school algebra, Megan left the classroom to become a stay-at-home mom!

Megan had never planned to homeschool her children. But after six years of teaching and a lot of gentle guidance from the Lord, she knew she didn't want to miss out on the joy and privilege of teaching her own children. When her oldest child was three years old, she began to research different curriculum options. As she spent time searching and praying, she found herself continually coming back to BJU Press Homeschool. The curriculum is thorough, rich, guides critical thinking, and, most importantly, every subject points back to the Lord.

Today, Megan is homeschooling her two children using the BJU Press Homeschool curriculum. She loves the flexibility of being able to pace the curriculum to fit her children's needs. Sometimes that means slowing down and explaining things in smaller pieces, and other times it means going more in-depth on a favorite topic. Megan also appreciates how the teacher's editions are laid out in a simple, easy-to-follow manner, which makes it easy to teach the lessons. Coming from a background in teaching math made the idea of teaching English and reading a bit unnerving, but the lessons were so easy to follow that any anxious feelings quickly subsided.

Each morning, Megan begins the school day by having a joint Bible Truths lesson with both of her children. It is a blessing to be able to spend time teaching about how *God does what He says He will do* and how *He cares for all our needs*. After Bible time, the kids work on their individual assignments, and Megan begins one on one instruction with them.

Megan's oldest is in first grade and loves math and science. After their school day is over, he often takes the concepts he is learning about and creates new experiments or activities based on his daily lessons. His favorite science experiment this year was when he grew the bacteria from his hands after playing outside! Megan appreciated the "proof" of why he should wash his hands when he comes inside from playing!

Megan's youngest is in K4, and she loves listening to stories, coloring, and creating art. She also enjoys her brother's phonics lessons about Miss Long and Marker E and has picked up many of the phonics sounds and rules by "listening in" on her brother's lessons. Her favorite lesson was from last spring when her brother was doing K5 Beginnings, and they got to make butter in a jar after learning about farm animals!

As a teacher, Megan wants to make sure her children are getting the best education available to them. As a mom, Megan wants her children to be grounded in God's truth. BJU Press Homeschool is the perfect blend for Megan's family. It provides an academically solid and thorough foundation with a biblical worldview!

Megan became a HomeWorks by Precept Consultant in 2018. She is enthusiastic about being able to share the BJU Press Homeschool curriculum with other homeschool families! If you need encouragement, suggestions, or prayer, never hesitate to reach out to her. Megan is on this homeschool adventure with you!

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