Homeschool Conventions and COVID-19
Friday, 13 March 2020
If you were unable to attend a physical meeting or convention due to the COVID-19 pandemic don't worry, we have a plan to help you prepare for your homeschool journey! Below we have outlined available options for you to review BJU Press Homeschool materials as well as receive discounts over the phone. Please know that these decisions are the direct result of much prayer and lost sleep by our entire management team, and you as well.

Effective Immediately:
  1. Call-In Meeting Options: Any physical meetings in locations with current mandates that prohibit us from holding physical meetings, or areas in which our leadership team determines should not hold a physical meeting, will be canceled or changed to a virtual or call-in meeting. All meetings whether virtual, call-in, or physical will offer special event discounts over the phone. Those discounts are found here. Please see our map to find a consultant in your area hosting a meeting to discuss discounts and ways for you to review BJU Press Homeschool materials in-person or virtually.
  2. Call-In Consultant Options: HomeWorks Consultants may offer 25% off three or more Video Course Subject Kits, and 10% off all BJU Press products any time. These discounts may be offered in-person, over the phone or virtually. Talk to a HomeWorks Consultant today to discuss your options, they are happy to help. You may use our map to locate a consultant in your area, but any consultant from any locality may help you.
  3. If you are unfamiliar with HomeWorks by Precept and our partnership with BJU Press Homeschool please visit the following page.
  4. All temporary changes listed above are strictly due to the health and safety concerns of the COVID-19 virus and we will revert to normal procedures when it is deemed appropriate.
  5. Please like our Facebook pages: BJU Press, HomeWorks by Precept and our Facebook group. We will be looking at ways to increase our Facebook Lives to provide more possibilities of interaction with you digitally during this time.
Policy last updated: 5/16/2020

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” The homeschool movement began with a group of determined families that boldly decided to follow passages like Deuteronomy 6:7 and take the education of their children into their own hands. Those families fought legal difficulties and public scrutiny, but their numbers began to multiply and they created state organizations and localized support groups. The state groups became legal advocates that, state by state, worked through many tough battles to legalize homeschooling nationwide! Today the homeschool movement flourishes because a few people followed biblical truths and the pattern that Henry Ford identified many years ago.

Our genesis as a movement stems from God’s blessings, coupled with sheer determination and willpower of a few to get things done! One of God’s first observations of His creation was that people are never meant to be alone, which I discuss in a previous blog post. “Togetherness” is what has made the homeschool movement so successful over the years and it is what will bring us through any hardships caused by the COVID-19 virus!

Just like the success of the early homeschool movement came from collaborated teamwork, equipping the next generation for Christ by means of homeschooling will also require teamwork. The success of your child’s education ultimately falls on you and your child, but you have a team of friends, family, church, state organizations, and publishers that are all here to support you. Our goal amidst all of the COVID-19 implications is simple, to be a help in your child’s education in any way that we can. And remember, none of us saw the events of the last several weeks coming - none except God, and God is bigger than this virus, and God is bigger than all of the worry and anxiety that it has created! May God bless you with strength, wisdom, and protection as you seek Christ and school your children.

Meet the Author

Michael Knott - Director of HomeWorks by Precept