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Saturday, 09 May 2020

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Fun Mom. My friend introduced me to that thought a few years ago. She was having a crazy, stressful time and said that she needed a day to be Fun Mom - a day to take a break and have fun with the kids - to do something out of the ordinary. I liked that thought. How many times do we get caught up in the craziness of life?

We have to make sure our homeschooling gets done, the kids are behaving, and the chores are completed. That often means we have to instruct, correct, and discipline for a good part of our day. We can begin to lose sight of what it looks like to have fun. What if we took a day just to be Fun Mom? What would that look like? Here are some ideas.

1. Pack a picnic lunch and head for the park. Sometimes it is as simple as that. Just head out for some fresh air, beautiful sunshine, and maybe take a hike or stroll. You can pack a simple lunch and play a game or two together.

2. Enjoy time at the beach or lake. There is just something about the majesty of the beach and the peacefulness of a lake. If it's warm enough, take a swim and splash around with your kids. Afterward, you can build a sandcastle or just sit back and relax.

3. Go to the movies. Maybe there is a special movie that your kids have wanted to see or something that the whole family would enjoy. Take some time away to go to a matinee. The matinees are often less attended, so you might even have the theater all to yourself.

4. Get lost in the library. We tend to go to the library once a week, but sometimes it is just a quick “run in and grab some books” trip. Instead, schedule some time to really look around. Have each of your children pick out a handful of books. Maybe even sit and read a couple of books there before you leave. Check if there are any activities going on that day. Many libraries have fun events that you can just pop into without making a reservation.

5. Drop in somewhere for an impromptu field trip and treat. Stop by a local dairy farm and enjoy some ice cream or visit an orchard or grove and pick some peaches, apples, or oranges. You could even have an impromptu visit to a zoo or museum.

We all need to take a day off of school, unwind, relax, and just be Fun Mom sometimes. No matter what you decide to do, your kids will be blessed just by spending time having fun with you.

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