Are You Really Qualified to Homeschool?
Monday, 20 July 2020

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Pop quiz! What's the capital of South Dakota? In what year did the American Civil War start? What's the square root of 625? Are you really qualified to homeschool your children?

Teaching is the act of finding out what a student knows and explaining or showing him something new. In order to take your child a little further down the path, you must know him. This, my friends, is one of the strengths of homeschooling. You know more about your child's strengths, fears, dreams, disappointments, quirks, interests, and tendencies than anyone else does. As you walk through each school year together, you will learn even more about him. You will find out what he knows and needs to know, what discourages and motivates him, and what helps him to learn best. Study your child as you homeschool, and you will become a better teacher for him.

But what about content? Shouldn't you know it all before you teach your child? That's what many people assume, but I disagree. Instead, I am suggesting that you must be willing to learn. Every year I teach a new grade. I don't know all there is to know in K through 12, but I learn right alongside my boys as we read through the textbooks together.

The teacher's editions are one of the best ways to learn both the material and the methodology to teach it to your child. Before your school year starts, read through the few pages of the front matter at the beginning of each teacher's edition. In those pages, the textbook authors explain what they have built into the course and how you need to teach it. You will learn some educational philosophy and also practical tips for helping your child in that course. Those pages include information about scheduling, the different components of each lesson, and how to adjust the curriculum to fit your child's unique needs.

Then turn to lesson one. Everything you need is in the teacher's edition. BJU Press Homeschool even has the specific questions that you will need to ask printed right there on the page. Walk with your child through each lesson, and you will learn just as much as your child does.

When you reach a level or subject that you just don't understand, use video courses to teach your child. The video course teachers are experts in their fields, and they use a variety of instructional methods to reach a variety of students.

And finally, contact other people to support you in your journey. Join a co-op or an online homeschool group. Get friends and family involved. Email your homeschool consultant. HomeWorks by Precept Consultants are a network of homeschool moms with years of experience. Your consultant will be glad to help you on your journey.

If you are willing to learn and commit to personal growth, you can be a wonderful teacher for your child. Excellent textbooks, video teachers, and homeschool consultants are available. You can do this!

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