Footsteps for Fours, 2nd edition
Monday, 02 November 2020

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Resources to help your 4-year-old learn through engaging activities and discovery. At four years old, your child's face fills with excitement as he discovers the moon in the night sky. He giggles when he is able to pull the zipper up on his jacket. Your child's brain has formed connections leading to increased dexterity and inquisitive nature. Each new day is met with enthusiasm as he anticipates what new discovery awaits. What an opportune time to build treasured memories together as you engage in fun, interactive, and enriching activities!

BJU Press offers two choices that will start your child on a path to learning enjoyment through engaging experiences. God's word is incorporated throughout both programs and will help your child understand biblical principles and behavior. Both options will stimulate your child's learning by encouraging creativity and discovery. As your child progresses through the year, you will witness him sharpen his coordination skills, investigative skills, and comprehension skills as he develops phonemic awareness, number concepts, pattern recognition, and more!

Footsteps for Fours
Footsteps for Fours is a parent-led option that provides a solid academic foundation through a fun, hands-on learning approach. It provides an abundance of activities that you can select from to help your child understand the concepts. Since you know firsthand where your child is in age and development and whether they learn best by seeing, hearing, or doing, you are well-equipped to select activities that will work best for your child.

Included in the kit are colorful visuals located in the activity packet, a colorful writing packet workbook with stickers, a CD filled with songs, and practice cards to help your child review the shapes, numbers, and colors he has learned.

Optional extras include a visuals packet and the phonics charts & teaching tree packet. These are extra-large versions of the colorful visuals that are located in the activity packet. If you have space at home, these larger packets can be fun! You also have the option of purchasing the backpack and the hand puppet, Max. My son absolutely loves Max! Max accompanies him to bed and on road trips and helps him learn.

Each week is centered around a theme. Each week shows a suggested recipe for a snack that goes with that week's theme. At the beginning of each daily lesson, at the top of the page, you will see a yellow box labeled "Skill Steps,” which will list the skills your child will learn in that lesson. You will look at the suggested activities and select which ones you will enjoy with your child each day.

Many of the fun activities include singing and playing with Max, the puppet. As your child learns about numbers, you can tape numbered pawprints on your wall to create a trail that leads to Max's doghouse.

You and your child will play hide and seek with colors. And he will love the little acorns that showcase each new letter of the alphabet. If you have room, you can "hang” the little acorns in the tree provided in the visual packet for more fun! To encourage comprehension and critical thinking skills, you will enjoy reading stories and asking your child questions about what is happening in the story, his opinion, and what the Bible says about character traits such as kindness and love. The activities book includes fun papers where your child will apply stickers, trace lines, and review concepts.

Since you are in a home atmosphere, you may enjoy reading about the "center” benefits listed in the front matter of the teacher's manual, but there is no need to set up the recommended centers. Most of the items and areas you have throughout your home will easily accommodate the center activities suggested.

K4 Foundations
Another option for your four-year-old is the K4 Foundations video course. This well-organized, easy-to-follow program is uniquely designed to help your four-year-old build a foundation of math, phonics, reading, English, and comprehension skills. Your child will also learn history and science.

The program includes 180 days of preplanned lessons: including 152 days, during which your child will watch a sixty-minute video lesson along with their fun learning activities. Take a few minutes each day to watch the Mom's Minutes video before your child starts his daily lesson. These short videos help you prepare for each day's lesson by going over what your child will learn, what your child will need for that day's lesson, and suggestions on what you can do to help your child learn the concepts in each daily lesson. The included video guide is a helpful reference that lists what your child will learn and the items that your child will need for that lesson.

The K4 Foundations incorporates video lessons for your child that showcase colorful graphics, animal characters, songs, puppets, and demonstrations to keep your child engaged. Your child will enjoy time with Mrs. Lawson as she introduces alphabet letters and sounds tells stories, and sings songs. And the colorful coloring and suggested hands-on craft activities provide loads of fun as you learn together. Examples of these activities include making homemade modeling dough, crafting a snowman out of cotton balls, creating a bird feeder together, and more!

The K4 Foundations program also includes math manipulatives, which are visuals designed to help your child visualize and understand mathematical concepts through developmentally appropriate hands-on experiences. To make math more engaging, enjoyable, and easy to understand, Miss Liston uses math manipulatives to develop beginning number recognition.

The K4 Foundations will guide your child along a path of discovery and understanding throughout the year.

In Conclusion
The Footsteps for Fours and the K4 Foundations will help you feel confident that your child is ready for kindergarten. By the end of the year, your child will have developed a love for learning, established a routine, and built an excellent foundation to build upon next year.

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