More Than I Expected
Monday, 10 January 2022

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BJU Press Homeschool has given my children an excellent education. I chose this curriculum to teach my boys math, history, and grammar. I expected them to learn science, handwriting, and spelling. But I got more. Much more.

Every subject is approached with a biblical worldview. Students examine varying viewpoints through the lens of God's Word. Having a biblical worldview helps students live successfully in God's world and gives students a purpose for learning each content area. Let me walk you through each subject to show you what I mean.


Science is about more than just learning the facts in the textbook. It's about observing the works of the Creator. It's about asking questions and pursuing answers. It's about using that knowledge to love others by improving their lives. It's about counteracting the effects of the Fall while we wait for God to make all things new. Science is about exercising loving dominion over God's world.

Heritage Studies

Heritage Studies courses are about more than memorizing names and dates in history. The lessons are about seeing how God has been at work in the past, interpreting all events in light of Scripture, and viewing the world the way God does. It's about discerning what is good and what is twisted in every culture, including our own. It's about skillfully applying that wisdom to current events in our nation and across the world so that we can be good citizens. It's about anticipation for His perfect kingdom.


Math is about more than getting correct answers in our homework. It's about becoming math thinkers. It's about recognizing God's orderly design and using those math principles to solve real-world problems to help others. It's about learning skills to become better, more useful servants.


Reading is more than just a booklist. It's about learning to gather meaning from all kinds of text. It's about developing an understanding to think critically in all of the content areas. Reading skills are used for the correct interpretation of the different genres in the Bible and the acquisition of knowledge in math, science, and history. Reading is about being discerning whether we are reading for pleasure or knowledge. It's about gaining wisdom.


English is about more than just completing a grammar workbook. It's about choosing the right words to build others up for each occasion. It's about evangelizing, encouraging, correcting, instructing, and sympathizing. It's about learning to communicate effectively, whether in print or speech, for the glory of God.


It's about more than getting good grades on tests. Spelling is also about communicating effectively. It's about using words well to serve God and our neighbors, whether by writing a thank you note, an invitation, a gospel tract, a social media post, or a happy birthday sign. It's about clarity. It's about learning to do things well so others will take our thoughts seriously.


Handwriting is about more than being neat during one class each day. It's about writing easily and clearly so that others can understand our message. It's about sharing thoughts and removing an obstacle to communication.


Bible class is about more than knowing the correct answers. It's about learning to love, trust, obey, praise, and serve our Creator and Redeemer in every part of life. It's about discovering and embracing reality.

Wouldn't you love it if your kids could grasp some of these lessons? To be sure, your kids will learn math facts and grammar and important names and dates. This curriculum is academically excellent. But BJU Press Homeschool is about more! This curriculum helps us see the world as God sees it. It gives our kids a purpose for working hard. And it shows them how all of this information can be used for God's glory—both now and in their future lives. Choose more!

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Jennifer Lont - HomeWorks by Precept Consultant