The ABCs of BJU Press Homeschool
Friday, 01 July 2022

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Walk through the alphabet with me to discover what BJU Press Homeschool has to offer!

Academic Excellence
Many parents wonder if a curriculum measures up. Will it help the student learn everything necessary in each grade level? BJU Press Homeschool takes academic excellence very seriously. This publisher provides us with tools to help our kids succeed. Teams continually research and evaluate national and state standards. They look at the big picture and create a scope and sequence to minimize educational gaps throughout the school years. BJU Press Homeschool will prepare your child for more than standardized tests and college; it will prepare your student for life!

Biblical Worldview
You'll find a biblical worldview in our Bible classes, of course, but you'll find it in every other subject! Rather than tacking it on or forcing it in, the writers start with God's Word because this is God's world. Many worldviews are studied and compared with Scripture to determine what is truth and what is an error. Whether your student is learning science and history or math and reading, he will be taught to see the world the way God sees it.

Critical Thinking
BJU Press Homeschool doesn't just teach your child a list of answers. It trains the student to think. Why does this math work the way it does? How does this information fit with what I already know? How can I use these skills in my life? What does the Bible say about this? Students need to be able to analyze and evaluate everything they read or hear. Cultivating discernment is necessary for both academic excellence and godly living.

There are several instructional options available with BJU Press Homeschool. You can teach your kids yourself or use our video courses, available on DVD and online. These on-demand videos provide excellent instruction. Just choose the format(s) that will work for your family.

Customers who order online courses can access free student eBooks for many classes. Your family can read on the go without packing all the schoolbooks!

Free Shipping
Order any day. You won't have to pay for shipping in the 48 contiguous US states. No coupons or codes are necessary.

Each course is designed to provide the right amount of challenge for that particular grade level. You'll find age-appropriate vocabulary, expectations, and content. However, since we know that each child is unique, you'll find ways to differentiate and tailor the lessons to fit your child's abilities.

Homeschool Hub
This fantastic free resource makes planning and organization easy. Populate the calendar with video courses, parent-led courses, and even customized courses you make yourself. Did plans change? No problem! It's easy to switch things around. Keep a grade book, print daily to-do lists, check assignments, track progress, and print reports. You are going to love the Hub!

Interesting Segments
Our video courses include many extras: facts, visuals, informative videos, and fun and engaging segments that help the student continue to delight in learning. Don't be surprised if your kids want to replay sections for you!

JourneyForth Books
Do you need some wholesome books for your kids to read outside of school? We have a whole catalog of JourneyForth books for kids in preschool through high school (as well as some for adults too). Choose from a wide variety of genres. All of these books align with a biblical worldview.

Choose an entire grade kit or select a single subject kit. Do some videos and some parent-led if you want. Mix and match to your heart's content. This curriculum is fully customizable.

One of the benefits of doing science with our video courses is that your child will see demonstrations of labs and activities before he tries them. Even if your family can't do every lab, your child will learn from seeing them done on video. In addition, Logos lab kits are available for 1st grade on up, whether you choose to do the course parent-led or with video. Adding one of these supply kits to your course will make it easier for your student to complete a sufficient number of labs.

Mother's Helper
Whether you're teaching a child to read for the first time or ensuring multiple children have what they need, BJU Press Homeschool is a considerable help to moms. Teacher's editions walk you through what needs to be taught each day, and videos can cover the instruction for you so you're not spread thin. You don't have to teach every subject to every child yourself.

Newly Updated
Every year, about half a dozen new video courses are released that align with new editions of the textbooks. With each new edition, the biblical worldview is more developed, the artwork is more gorgeous and helpful, and the instruction is clearer and more engaging. I'm always amazed that it's possible to make improvements, but this curriculum just keeps getting better and better!

Online Resources
Want to make an extra handwriting worksheet? Download the free PreCursive font. Need to hear the tunes to the kindergarten songs? Want a recommended book list? Those are free too. Check to see what resources are available to you in your BJU Press Homeschool Hub account under each course on the platform.

Why should a child study spelling, handwriting, and grammar? God commands Christians to use their words for his glory! We must be clear and compassionate as we evangelize, encourage, correct, and equip. We must continually develop our communication skills to use the right words properly. Students will learn that every part of school will prepare them to serve God and love others, both now and in the future.

Quality Textbooks
Are you aware of the amount of work that goes into every book from BJU Press? Teams of authors work together to write engaging, accurate, and understandable content. Artwork aids comprehension of the text. Best teaching practices are studied so that the instruction and assessments help the student meet objectives successfully.

Resources for Every Learner
Is your child a visual learner? Auditory? Kinesthetic? Our courses include a variety of instructional methods to reach as many kids as possible. Even the assignments are designed to engage a wide variety of learners. Pick and choose the ones that will help your child, but remember that a multisensory approach works best.

Standardized Testing
Wondering how your child is doing? You can order paper and pencil standardized tests through BJU Press Homeschool, or you can register your child to take an online standardized test. It's a simple process; the results can help you customize the curriculum to fit your child's needs.

Do you ever wish you had a substitute teacher or someone to take a particular subject from your hands? The video teachers at BJU Press Homeschool are experienced and enthusiastic about their subjects. They care about your child's education and walk with the Lord. Use these trusted teachers as often as you need them.

Teacher's editions tell you what to do first, next, and last. They include scripted questions that will help your student learn to think and the answers so that you can keep your conversation on track. And whether you are doing parent-led or video courses, the Hub will tell you what needs to be done each day.

Vacation Stations
Worried that your child will regress during the summer? Try a Vacation Station workbook. One page of math and one page of language arts per day will help your child review and retain what he has learned.

While workbooks are an essential part of our curriculum, they are only one part of the whole picture. Instruction (either from video or the teacher's edition) is where most critical thinking development occurs. Workbooks reinforce the instruction by giving the students practice, and then students are encouraged to use this knowledge in the real world. Workbooks alone are not enough.

Xperienced Homeschool Consultants
Connect with a HomeWorks by Precept consultant to get information and discounts. These consultants all have homeschool experience with BJU Press materials. Meet a consultant at a convention, curriculum display, or local event, and then keep in touch throughout the year. Or just choose any consultant at and send her an email. She will be glad to help your family.

Year-Round Support
Your relationship with your consultant lasts throughout the year! She wants your Christian homeschool to be successful. Advice and encouragement are only one message away. Stay connected to get the support you need.

Zero-Interest Payment Plan
Are you convinced yet? To top off all these wonderful qualities and features, BJU Press Homeschool offers an interest-free payment plan. You can spread out your payments to make this curriculum super affordable. What are you waiting for? Check out that map and contact a consultant today!

Meet the Author

Jennifer Lont - HomeWorks by Precept Consultant