Homeschooling in Maine
Monday, 17 October 2022

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Maine has a diverse landscape that boasts rugged mountains and rocky coastlines. It has a reputation for being a tourist magnet, but Maine also has a rich homeschool history. Homeschool pioneer families in Maine began their fight for religious and educational liberty in the late 1970s. Those of us who have reaped from their faithful pursuit are grateful for their persistence. In 2003, a homeschooling bill was passed that eased the harsh requirements for homeschooling families and made homeschooling in Maine very attainable.

My husband and I moved to Maine with our three kids in 2001....a couple of years before Maine switched from an "approval" state to a "Notice of Intent" state. The homeschool support system here in our beautiful state is amazing and sincere. The folks at Homeschoolers of Maine do an incredible job of keeping us connected and encouraged.


If you live in Maine and are new to homeschooling, you will be happy to know that Maine Homeschool Laws are easy to comply with. Here's a quick overview!



Maine offers two options for homeschool families.


1. Homeschooling under Maine's Home Instruction option

2. Homeschooling as a non-approved private school that requires teaching at least two unrelated students and invites more state fire and health code regulations.


When Maine homeschool laws changed in 2003, Option #1 became the easiest option and is the focal point of this overview.




1. A ONE-TIME Notice of Intent should be submitted to your local school superintendent within ten days of your school start date. Your notice of intent must include the following information:

• the name, address, and signature of the parent or guardian

• the student's name and age

• the date that home instruction began (or will begin)

• a statement that you will provide instruction to your student for at least 175 days a year

• a statement that you will cover the required subjects

• a statement that you will submit a year-end assessment for your student 


*Maine state law requires you to keep a copy of this notice for your records.


2. By September 1st of each subsequent year, you must submit an annual letter to your local school superintendent stating that you intend to continue to homeschool for the upcoming year. This letter must include a copy of your student's year-end assessment from the prior school year. 


*Maine state law requires you to keep a copy of this annual letter and a copy of each year-end assessment.







175 days of instruction



Ages 6 -17 ~ Paperwork is required for all students starting on their 6th birthday until their 17th birthday. Once your student turns 17, you are not legally required to submit any more paperwork to your local school superintendent unless your child wishes to pursue eligible classes at the local public high school under the Maine public school access law for homeschoolers or wants to enroll in free courses through the University of Maine campuses, the Maine Community College system, or Maine Maritime Academy using the Maine Aspirations Program.



1. English/Language Arts

2. Math

3. Science

4. Social Studies/History

5. Physical and Health Education

6. Library Skills

7. Fine Arts

8. Maine Studies for one year (between grades 6 -12)

9. Computer proficiency for one year (between grades 7-12)



1. Standardized Testing 

2. Portfolio Evaluation by Maine certified teacher





3. Letter of Intent (Note: this letter contains all required information by law. 

Be careful not to use a Letter of Intent that asks for more information than is required by law.)

4. Subsequent Yearly Letter (Note: this letter contains all required information by law. Be careful not to use a Letter of Intent that asks for more information than is required by law.)

5. Standardized Testing option via BJU Press Homeschool

6. Portfolio Evaluation via Homeschoolers of Maine


Homeschooling in Maine is very clear and simple! We have a thriving community that is growing by leaps and bounds. A solid curriculum like BJU Press Homeschool will allow you to tailor your homeschool goals to fit each student. BJU Press Homeschool offers video courses as well as parent-led textbook kits. The Hub ~ a free homeschool planner launched in 2022, is available to all homeschool families and is a great tool to help you succeed. 


My name is Mandy Breeden, and I am a Senior HomeWorks by Precept Consultant representing BJU Press Homeschool materials. 

I look forward to answering your questions and discussing whether BJU Press Homeschool is right for you and your family!

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