BJU Press Homeschool Tools and Resources for Spanish-Speaking Families
Tuesday, 11 July 2023

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BJU Press Homeschool understands the importance of equipping Hispanic families with the tools needed to homeschool. The BJU Press Homeschool curriculum offers video courses, a biblical worldview, critical thinking, academic excellence, flexibility, and educational support. There are so many benefits to choosing the BJU Press Homeschool curriculum for your family.

You can help learn more about them here: Check out the HomeWorks by PreceptEspañol(Spanish Website) and learn about¿POR QUÉ EDUCACIÓN EN EL HOGAR?&¿POR QUÉ ELEGIR BJU PRESS HOMESCHOOL?(Why Homeschool? and the Benefits of Choosing BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum)

One of those new tools available for Hispanic families is Instrucciones en Espanol. Instrucciones en Espanol is a useful resource that gives you, the parent, instructions on how to use the video courses. It contains a digital copy of parent materials needed to facilitate the class. It includes: (Suggested Lab Scoring Instructions)- for science courses with labs

Guía para la lección en video VLG 1 (por sus siglas en inglés Video Lesson Guide) VLG 1 Video Lesson Guide includes a chart showing the day, the video number, the contents of the lesson, the materials needed to teach the lesson, the page numbers and assignment for the lesson, and instructions to the facilitator.

Let's take a closer look at each section. Course Overview: The Course Overview summarizes the course and what key content will be covered, skills and knowledge to be learned, and how it will benefit the student. It also includes a greeting from the BJU Press Video Course Teacher and their goals for the course.

Materials List: The Materials list is an explanation of the materials needed for the course.

Rubrics: A rubric is a scoring guide to help the parent assign grades for specific assignments.

Record of Grades: The Record of Grades is a printed form to help the parent keep track of grades on assignments, quizzes, and tests for the course.

Video Lesson Guide: The Video Lesson Guide is an outline of the lesson plan for the course for each day.
It is divided into 180 days. It highlights the materials needed for each day, assignments, and the facilitator's responsibility.

The VLG can be found in your Hub account and can be downloaded and printed for your use with the video courses. It is available in English and Spanish. The VLG can be found by following these simple steps:
  1. Log in to your Hub account
  2. Select the Courses tab and then Details.
  3. Select Course Resources
  4. Select Course Files,then select Video Lesson Guide from the list.
  5. For Spanish instructions and video lesson guide, select Instrucciones en Español.

The VLG, Instrucciones en Espanol, and the new HomeWorks by Precept Español website are some of the many useful tools that BJU Press Homeschool offers to help homeschool families succeed on their homeschooling journey.

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