Convention Musings From A Vendor
Monday, 23 June 2014

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I see you unloading your van, getting your cart or stroller ready to go into the convention. Your children are excited and chatty as you are making sure they have snacks for the walk around the convention center. I see you double checking each little one to be sure he or she is wearing both shoes. Your list of materials to look over is ready, and your family is excited to see other homeschool friends and attend workshops on homeschooling.

As I watch you peruse the convention center, you kindly accept catalogs from vendors and let us interact with you and your precious children. We so enjoy getting to know you and want to help you with homeschool resources. I am struck with the knowledge of the sacrifices so many families make to educate their children at home. This causes me to wonder—what event led you to make the choice to homeschool? Now that you have committed to educating your children, to what lengths are you willing to take that commitment? Have you come to the conclusion that the decision to homeschool is just the first of many on your journey to educate your children? Each child’s educational path is an individual journey in itself.

Let me encourage you to think through this journey and to engage yourself as a student of your child’s unique learning style. Each child will require certain tools and styles of homeschooling. We are constantly improving our materials with the hope of meeting your family’s specific needs. As you utilize these tools, remember that they can never replace the most valuable tool: you as the teacher. Your commitment to educate your children is huge and the journey is a marathon in length. It takes day-to-day endurance fueled by love, commitment, and the mercies that God bestows daily.

One of the most precious things I appreciate about homeschool parents is their desire to encourage one another; not just to share what has worked for them, but to share how God has given them wisdom, strength, and grace. Would you take a moment to share how God led you to homeschool and some of the most valuable lessons you have learned?

On behalf of the HomeWorks team,
Sharon Fisher

Manager | Curriculum Specialist, Speaker Coordinator, Social Media
HomeWorks by Precept