Math Applied in Real Life
Friday, 24 July 2015

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Lately folks have been asking me about math and what I used for math curriculum. I enjoy and LOVE math. I used to tutor math for FUN! And I used to work at a math lab in college. I am not a math major or expert by any means, but I enjoy the math challenge and I wanted my children to enjoy it as well.

As my husband and I looked for a math curriculum that would work for our homeschool journey, we began comparing them and saw that the better recommended ones all did the math and got to the same place. However, there were several things that stood out with the one we chose. It was engaging, piqued interest, and had real life application on the child’s level; the story problems taught character, not just a math concept; biblical worldview was integrated throughout the math text—those were all things that I wanted for my children. In addition, it encouraged critical, logical, and analytical thinking. We didn’t have to memorize because my kids were taught to understand the concepts and know the math.

Does your student dread math? BJU Press Math is designed to engage the student’s interest with colorful themes and clear explanations. As new concepts are introduced in the early years, students are encouraged to use manipulatives to promote interactive learning. One of my favorite aspects is the application to real life. My children used BJU Press math all the way through school and my youngest actually CLEPed out of College Algebra—she just got an A in her first Calculus class in college. So thankful for the foundation that BJU Press provided our children.

Eujeana Chism
Manager | Trainer, Customer and Consultant Development