What About Electives?
Saturday, 05 September 2015

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HomeWorks Consultants many times place an order for a new customer who has just purchased a full BJU Press grade kit and asks in a worried tone, “What about electives? Is this going to be enough?”

Usually the answer to that question is YES, you have enough. Biology covers a lot of health. World History covers a lot of fine art history.

You will want to cover any electives your state requires and clearly note them on your student’s transcript. In Kentucky, I am including Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Health.

Let’s think about the true meaning of the word “elective.” These are courses your child “elects” to do. Choosing your student’s electives starts with your student.

What are some things he or she wants to learn?
Has your child expressed interest in a career that you could explore?
Has your child specifically asked for books on certain subjects or purchased his own?
Has he asked to be part of a class (perhaps even in the summer or maybe even an adult class)?
Has he asked to participate in any activity (orchestra, musical, swim team, speech, or 4-H project club)?

In a rural area, I am a little more limited to electives due to finances and geography. It is unlikely I will be able to list Piloting Aircraft or Medieval Fencing or Figure Skating on Ice as one of the classes on my transcript. I have found classes or local teachers for Fine Arts, P.E., Digital Photography, and Horse Riding. Find out what is going on in your community. Lots of electives are “learning by doing” and are an important part of education.

HomeWorks Consultants are able to offer special pricing on BJU Press Homeschool materials, including electives. Has your student tried our Biblical Worldview course? It is designed for seniors and can count as an elective. It is a must for Christian homeschooling families ready to graduate a student. Foreign language video courses are very affordable and have special pricing through a . Choose from elementary and secondary Spanish. BJU Press also offers Latin 1 and 2!

I am listing a few elective ideas here that I have used in addition to Bible and Foreign Language credit. Keep in mind that this is for more than one student and over the course of a few years. It isn’t a checklist you are supposed to complete!

Study Skills (You could use the Teen Study Skills DVD and some ACT/SAT study prep books)
Haitian Mission Studies (Student had the opportunity to go on a mission trip during the school year)
Equestrian Studies (Student took riding lessons and owned a horse)
Computer Programming and Repair
Programming with C++
Child Development
Physical Education
Fine Arts Overview
Digital Photography
Home Economics
Driver Education

What would your students love to study as an elective? Please leave a comment.

By Cynda Moore, HomeWorks Consultant