Advice for Homeschooling with a New Baby or Toddlers
Thursday, 01 October 2015

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Could someone please give me advice for homeschooling my children with a newborn or little one in our home?

I often see this question in the Facebook newsfeed and enjoy reading through the encouraging comments that mothers have for each other. Although I understand the joys of having multiple children and juggling the responsibilities and blessings of being a working mom, I have not actually homeschooled, let alone done it with one or more little ones in the mix. As part of the HomeWorks team, I'm able to meet many of you at conventions, interact with more of you on social media, and also work with the many wonderful consultants who homeschool their children. I see those with special needs, many with little ones, those who are fostering or adopting, and those who are grandparents with young children at home, and I am constantly amazed at the depth of your dedication to educate your children for the glory of God. All that to say, it is a blessing to be part of a homeschooling community that can help you bear one another’s burdens and share good advice.

So, back to the original question. Here is a compilation of advice from consultants who have survived and lived to tell about it. Please share yours in our comments!






Our HomeWorks Consultants are committed to encouraging you in your homeschooling journey and they offer great advice! You can find one near you by clicking here. I’d also urge you to join our HomeWorks Facebook page so you can interact with some of our consultants and other homeschooling parents. In addition, we offer a webinar on balancing your homeschool journey. Other workshops and webinars are in the works as well, so stay tuned!

Picture courtesy of HomeWorks by Precept Consultants Michael and Cassandra Deleon

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