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Because BJU Press Homeschool is dedicated to provide biblically integrated, academically excellent materials for homeschoolers, HomeWorks by Precept represents their full line of Pre-K-12 homeschooling materials. BJU Press Homeschool materials meet and/or exceed academic standards. Homeschooling families can be confident that the material covered will be appropriate for state and national requirements. Materials can be customized to meet most any learning style or homeschooling situation.

BJU Press Homeschool offers parent-led materials as well as video courses for all grade levels. Families can choose as few as one subject, several subjects, or a full grade level of materials to homeschool their children. Many families have benefitted from the consistent structure and scope and sequence of subject matter that is presented at grade-appropriate levels for all the subjects for their children.

BJU Press Homeschool offers resources for homeschooling families with support from a caring staff and HomeWorks by Precept Consultants who understand that the parent is free to utilize these resources to best meet their children’s specific needs.

A HomeWorks by Precept Consultant would be happy to share how she uses BJU Press Homeschool materials in her home and how you can use it in your home too! Our consultants are available nationwide and have experience with helping their local homeschooling families find the materials they need to homeschool their children with a biblical worldview and academic excellence. Find a HomeWorks by Precept Consultant here.


For over forty years, homeschooling families have confidently used BJU Press Homeschooling materials and have graduated students well-prepared for career and higher education. BJU Press Homeschool textbooks are written by experts in each subject who also have teaching experience. The quality and thoroughness of the information taught meets state and national-level standards, so you can be assured that your children are getting a quality education based on academically excellent and biblically sound materials, that will prepare them for college or whatever God has called them to.


Because the educators at BJU Press Homeschool understand that each student learns best through different methods, teaching resources include multiple approaches for teaching concepts. Lessons are taught with opportunity for students to learn using their senses including visual, auditory, and hands-on activities. The parent can pick and choose which lessons and how much of a lesson is appropriate material is needed to teach a concept.


Not only is BJU Press Homeschool dedicated to providing sound academic materials for your family, but it is also dedicated to providing these materials with the homeschooling student’s worldview in mind. Authors and biblical worldview experts carefully plan each lesson to utilize opportunity for the student to develop critical thinking skills and to shape a biblical worldview. Every subject area- language arts, math, science, history, and more- are all written with the point of view that God created man in His own image and that He has given man dominion to use his resources (including academic subject matter) to be salt and light to his neighbor and to bring God glory.

BJU Press Homeschool materials are written to assist a homeschooling family in its desire to teach children Who God is and how His world and His story relates to the homeschooling student. This is a truly Christian education throughout each subject and grade level.


Research has shown that students need to understand the material they are learning so they can apply it to real-life situations. Lessons are taught with a hands-on approach that encourage critical thinking and reasoning skills. Review questions encourage students to explore meanings, make connections with other subjects, and see personal applications. The goal is to create better thinkers for life—adults who are able to creatively apply knowledge and to evaluate new ideas in light of the truths they know.


BJU Press Homeschool offers full-length, engaging video lessons to accompany parent-led BJU Press Homeschool materials. These pre-recorded subject courses are available online or by DVD lease. Distance Learning teachers have studied and prepared the same lessons written in the parent-led textbooks to meet the needs of homeschooling families.

Parents can teach lessons using the well-written teacher’s editions or distance learning video classes that have been expertly written and taught by master teachers for homeschool students. Distance Learning is the perfect solution for parents who may be hesitant about tackling a particular course on their own. Parents and students are provided with guides and resources to make their distance learning experience simple and easy-to-use.

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My consultant has been a great help to me when I need to know quickly what is available for my various needs when they arise throughout the school year. She is such a joy to talk to, and very down-to-earth when sharing her homeschool insight. // Mary K - Westminster, Maryland

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HomeWorks By Precept exists to provide you with the best educational resources to help your child become a creative, adaptive thinker with a strong biblical worldview. Our relationship doesn’t end with the once-a-year curriculum purchase—HomeWorks By Precept is here to partner with you all year long.
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