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Why Join HSLDA?

Homeschool Freedom + Support + You = Kids Thrive!

Reasons to Join HSLDA

HomeWorks is proud to represent HSLDA. Please contact your local HomeWorks Consultant to get answers to any questions you have and to receive special pricing on HSLDA membership! Contact a local HomeWorks Consultant today to get started!

Wherever you are in your homeschooling journey, HSLDA can help you get the most out of your adventure. We’re here to make homeschooling possible!

Together with you, we are champions of homeschool freedom

With over 35 years defending homeschooling families like yours, our legal team stands ready to assist you—from explaining your state’s law to providing court representation for your right to homeschool.

Peace of Mind

You can focus on teaching your children—knowing that the leader in homeschool advocacy has your rights protected. HSLDA’s 24/7 legal emergency line connects you to our attorneys (who are also homeschool parents).


Your membership helps us to protect your rights and the rights of other homeschooling families who may encounter legal challenges. Together, we are preserving the choice and right to homeschool for future generations.


Fighting Discrimination

Whether it’s a homeschooled high schooler seeking fair treatment from local Social Security Disability officials, a new homeschool grad entering the military, or a 40-year-old college grad defending his homeschool high school diploma to a background check service, HSLDA is on the ball. We remind officials what the law says, untangle legal confusion, and set the record straight.

Personalized Advice

Just starting homeschooling, changing grades, or looking for curriculum? HSLDA is here to help! As a member, you can receive personalized advice from our attorneys and educational consultants on teaching your child from pre-K through high school—and addressing any special needs.

When you call HSLDA, you are talking to our team of homeschool parents and grads. We get it. Let us put your homeschooling worries to rest and equip you for success.

A Heart to Help Struggling Homeschoolers

Are you homeschooling through tough times? Or want to help those who are? HSLDA offers membership scholarships and Compassion curriculum grants for struggling homeschoolers.


HSLDA Online Academy

Are there any courses you’d like help teaching in junior high or high school? HSLDA Online Academy offers an expanding range of live, interactive courses, including rigorous Advanced Placement® courses. As an HSLDA member, you receive a big discount on every course.

We protect homeschool freedom—one family, one phone call, one case, one law at a time—so that every homeschool child gets their best chance to thrive.

Whether it’s legal representation, educational consulting, practical resources, or grants for struggling families, everything we do flows from our core mission of making homeschooling possible.

Together, we make homeschooling possible!

Let HomeWorks help you get started with HSLDA.

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