Planning for Holidays
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One of the benefits and the blessings of having a homeschooling lifestyle is that day-to -day activities and extracurricular events, vacations, and holidays all work into your lesson plans! So, how do you plan for holidays? Do you take time off completely to enjoy family or travel, or do you incorporate baking, shopping, craft making, and special lessons into your lesson plans? There is no right or wrong way to handle the holidays as far as taking time off or incorporating them into your lessons, so enjoy whatever your family decides is best for you this holiday season.

If you’re looking to make some memories and incorporate some holiday activities into your lesson plans, you have many options.

Because God calls us to be thankful year-round, we are certainly not limited to the month of November to create special treats or show acts of kindness and gratitude. Hopefully, this is something you can take on as a family mission when it is convenient for you. However, remember that holidays are exciting for many people, but for those separated from family, the holidays are difficult. There are many people who work on the holidays because someone has to care for the sick or elderly, answer emergency calls, run restaurants, hotels, etc. Some students are too far from family to travel home over the holidays. It seems that those who lost love ones are particularly thoughtful of those who are not there especially during the holiday season.

Taking a small item to a person who is working or away from family is encouragement and shows the love and thoughtfulness that is testimonial of God’s love. Inviting someone to your family’s meal, a bonfire, gift exchange, or choosing a Christmas tree and having some hot cocoa can make a world of difference in someone’s life. What a wonderful lesson for your children to see love in action and participate in the true meaning of the holiday season in this way! Collecting items to give to the needy and writing notes of thanksgiving and kindness are simple ways to use the skills kids are learning every day to show love to others.

Will your family travel over the holidays? If so, incorporate some stops along the way that connect to lessons that you’ve recently taught or are planning to teach in the spring. Supplying your kids with educational videos, books, or even crafts or lap book activities reinforces concepts you have taught and keeps kids engaged and busy on a trip. Let your kids take pictures and journal their travel experiences. I remember learning map skills, distances, and state information for our family trips and that kept the negative sibling interaction to a minimum.

If your family chooses to take the time off completely and just enjoy the time spent together, then enjoy that special time. Some years are better suited for more activity than others. Either way, may the Lord bless you during the upcoming holiday weeks as you seek to educate your children for Him. Our HomeWorks Consultants are available to assist you in your curriculum needs as well in helping you with homeschooling advice and lesson planning. You can find a consultant by following this link:

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