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Redeeming Christmas
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A few weeks ago I saw a movie trailer about Christmas from a Christian perspective—actually two perspectives. The first I have considered in the past and also have heard from family members and friends on occasion. The second I had never heard before. I'd like to share that perspective with you now because it is well worth considering.

Before we go too far, we need to consider the fact that this world is broken. Sin perverts and twists everything—even good things. Because of sin, God sent His Son, Jesus, to redeem everything. Although our world is still broken, He promises redemption of our hearts if we trust Him, and eventually, He will redeem everything to Himself. Because we are made in His image, we have opportunities to take dominion over the broken things of this world with the intent of redeeming them for His glory in an effort to be salt and light to a world that needs God.

So, back to Christmas. Is Christmas redeemable? Think about all that encompasses our modern Christmas. We have lights, music, food, ornaments, “snow”, trees, gifts, bows, tinsel, fancy meals, parties, programs, caroling, movies and special programming on television, jingle bells, lots of red and green, shiny stars, mistletoe, clothing, advertising, holiday activities, baking, candy, books, cartoons, gift-giving, and more. When we let one point of view—that this is all for those who worship a bearded elf or for self-gratification—take over, we have missed an opportunity. Christmas, like everything else in this world, points to God. Man has perverted it, but God can redeem it. And so can we.

Christ’s birth and burial are mirror images of each other. He was both born and buried in a borrowed cave. He was wrapped in swaddling clothes, and expensive spices were given to Him both times. He was laid on a stone at birth and in death. Death was conquered when Jesus was born and conquered more visibly and finally when He died and rose from the grave. Soldiers surrounded the accounts of his birth and death. Christmas is rich in gospel teaching. What a wonderful opportunity to see the whole of God’s story of Creation, Fall, and Redemption!

Can you redeem the stories of Santa Claus and Ebenezer Scrooge? Teach your children the truth based on the account of the real Saint Nicholas. Can he really be omnipresent and does he know who is naughty or nice? Teach your children what God says about being naughty or nice. No matter how “good” we are, we all need Jesus, because we cannot be holy like He is. We need redemption, justification, and sanctification. We need the very Reason we celebrate Christmas. Isn’t His act of love and grace worth celebrating? What a wonderful, everlasting gift! Can we teach our children by giving gifts in honor of His gift? Teach them about the real Spirit of Christmas Past, Present, and Future (the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End).

Are you concerned about Christmas trees and gifts? Search the Scripture for trees. There are many references to trees and many lessons to learn from their symbolism. There will be a beautiful tree in the center of Heaven, where the Light is seated and shines eternally (Revelation 22:1-5). God created trees, and His precious, perfect Son hung on one so that we don’t have to. Redeem modern traditions to teach your children about our Savior. Certainly many take advantage of the symbolism for material gain. In the past, some even worshipped these symbols of God's goodness, but others have redeemed them as a representation of what God has done and will do. Can your children benefit from that?

Should YOU celebrate with a tree, lights, or presents? It's certainly something to think and pray about, but before you make a decision based on a Facebook post or someone else's decision, see what Scripture says. If there is one time to celebrate, this is it. A dark world needs to see the light of the Gospel, the good news. Can a few twinkling lights in your yard or window be an open door for that opportunity? Absolutely. Redeem the season. It belongs to God.

On behalf of the HomeWorks team,
Sharon Fisher

Manager | Curriculum Specialist, Speaker Coordinator, Social Media
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