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Welcome to the HomeWorks by Precept blog! My name is Sharon Fisher, The TeacherMom, and I will be your host on this blog as we travel together through the journey of homeschooling our children.

First, let me explain who we are and why we want to reach out to you. Precept Marketing Group is a Christian educational resource company that was co-founded in 2002 by the owner and president of Graco Children’s Products. It was created with the purpose of offering the best in quality educational materials and services to Christian schools. The leadership at Precept also recognized from the beginning that homeschooling parents need assistance in securing those same materials, so they created HomeWorks By Precept—a division completely devoted to meeting the educational needs of homeschool families.

Over the past 12 years, HomeWorks has grown to include more than 200 consultants across the US and into Canada, and offers families quality educational products and services. Our consultants are homeschool parents, so they’ve been where you’ve been. They’ve taught BJU Press curriculum, and they are here to help you. Our consultants do more than just assist with your ordering needs—they’re dedicated to partnering with and encouraging you in your homeschooling all year long.

The vision of HomeWorks by Precept is to provide close, personal consultation to families all over the United States through experienced curriculum consultants who are available to help families with all of their homeschool needs. “Teaching and Learning for Understanding” is our pledge, and we seek to provide quality curriculum that will help students master concepts and live out the biblical truths they learn. We help parents coordinate all the materials to make this happen, so that homeschooling is not burdensome. Our goal is to make the homeschooling experience more gratifying and beneficial to the student and parent alike.

About a year ago I was asked to join the HomeWorks staff as Curriculum Specialist and Social Media Coordinator. God prepared me for this position in many ways. First, God blessed our family with four sons. Each one has specific talents, abilities, and needs. Raising our boys is the greatest calling I will ever have. God also called me to be an elementary school teacher (primarily grades 2-4) for 14 years in Christian schools.

I’ve had the opportunity to love and meet the needs of hundreds of children over the years, as well as to encourage their parents and lead other teachers. Surprisingly, God allowed me to start teaching other teachers by means of conventions and trips, sometimes travelling internationally. Around the same time, I was asked to be an elementary author at BJU Press. God allowed me to contribute to curriculum, work with authors, train teachers, and interestingly enough, speak to and work with homeschool parents.

Over the course of all of those years, the Lord called my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to homeschool their children. Both directly and indirectly God was burdening me for the homeschool movement and for homeschool parents in particular. Being part of HomeWorks by Precept has allowed me to focus specifically on homeschool while still participating in Christian school activities on occasion.

So, why this new blog? HomeWorks exists to provide educational materials and to provide an environment for homeschool parents to educate their children with a biblical worldview. Speaking to you at conventions, on Facebook, and on Twitter is a privilege. Our consultants are homeschool parents who are committed to educating their children at home, as well as using and promoting the best homeschooling products available. They also feel called by God to encourage and equip other homeschool parents. One-on-one conversations at conventions, solutions events, and by email are some of the ways we want to communicate with you.

We also want to give you a forum for interacting with us and with each other. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 27:17 that iron sharpens iron. So this blog serves as a place to encourage, educate, and relate to one another. We would also like to use this forum to introduce, discuss, and debate topics that are relevant to the homeschool community. From time to time we will invite guest bloggers and some of our HomeWorks by Precept team members to contribute to our discussions. We look forward to hearing from you, encouraging you, and having spirited discussions about how best to educate our kids! Please respond with your thoughts and ideas, and welcome to our blog!

On behalf of the HomeWorks team,
Sharon Fisher

Curriculum Specialist
HomeWorks by Precept


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HomeWorks By Precept exists to provide you with the best educational resources to help your child become a creative, adaptive thinker with a strong biblical worldview. Our relationship doesn’t end with the once-a-year curriculum purchase—HomeWorks By Precept is here to partner with you all year long.
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